5 Year Old Twin Boys Gift Guide | 12 Days of Blogmas {Day 2}

On the second day of Blogmas, a Life Twintastic sent to me…… a 5 year old twin boy’s gift guide!

Today’s gift guide is based on my twin boys. Having twins can make gift buying tricky – do you buy two of everything? Are sharable presents acceptable? Do you run the risk of upsetting one if they feel the other got a better gift?! It’s a potential minefield! At 5 years old my boys are still very much into the same things and still tend to want the same or similar gifts. But they are also individuals. I think we’ve got the balance pretty right so far with mainly buying the same or similar gifts then a couple of bigger shared items they can both enjoy {because who needs two trampolines?!}. As they get older and individual interests emerge this will obviously change. Here are my 10 gift ideas for boys:

1. “Big boy” Scooters:

We got the boys 3 wheeled schooters a few years ago which they have outgrown and they got bikes for their last birthday. So this Christmas we decided to upgrade their scooters to “big boy” 2 wheel scooters like these great {and affordable!} foldable ones from Sports Direct.

2. Dinosaurs

At the top of the boys’ Christmas wishlist was always going to be their current obsession – dinosaurs. And not just any dinosaurs, Jurassic World sound strike dinosaurs {they know what they like}. Their collection is fairly extensive now but there are always more to add from Smyths.

3. Gymnastics Mat

The boys have been loving gymnastics at school and are always playing rough and tumble at home so I thought this gymnastics mat from Ikea will be a great joint gift. It folds up for easy storage and will hopefully save my sofa cushions from being constantly used as a crashmat!

4. Clothes

My boys grow quicker than the weeds in our garden so clothes are always on the gift list. Of course we have to go dinosaur themed like these t-shirts from Debenhams.

5. Magnetic Tiles

I’ve seen these around and heard good things so thought I’d give them a go. They’re basically magnetic tiles kids can use to buid and create with. I’ve bought the boys a set each from Amazon but they will inevitably join forces. A fun and creative activity the whole family can get involved in.

6. Jellycat Teddy

My boys still like teddies to cuddle up with and these Jellycat dinosaur soft toys from John Lewis are so soft and cute!

7. Books

Of course a book {or 5} have to be on the gift list. My boys love the Aliens Love Underpants series – Monstersaurus {available on Amazon} is Noah’s favourite!

8. Art Set

The boys would absolutely love this art set from WH Smiths. They have such a great imaginattion and are always drawing or creating stories.

9. Lego

Not only is lego fun and creative it’s also fantastic for developing fine motor skills and promoting imaginative play. Smyths Toystore has a great range from Lego Junior to packs for every budding architect.

10. Board Game

There’s a great range of card and board games availabe for kids {just watch Nick Jnr or Milkshake adverts to view the vast range!} Junior Uno looks like a lot of fun and I know my kids will love playing Don’t Wake Dad on Boxing Day.

I hope this gift guide is helpful if you’re looking for some last minute gifts for your little ones. Look out for the next Blogmas post tomorrow!

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