12 Days of Blogmas Day 7 : The Sunday Basket

Welcome to day 7 of Blogmas! Do you have that pile {or piles} of paperwork lying around that doesn’t really have a home to live in? Stuff that clutters up your surfaces but if you put away will likely be forgotten about? I know I do. And it’s taken me the majority of my adultContinue reading “12 Days of Blogmas Day 7 : The Sunday Basket”

Autumn GYST Days 🍂

After my first 7 weeks of being fully self-employed, lord knows I need a couple of get-your-shit-together {aka GYST} days! And what better way to document my plan {and progress} then to brush off the old blogging skills. Just to set the scene, I technically went fully self-employed with Pro Clerking at the start ofContinue reading “Autumn GYST Days 🍂”

BH&H Newsletter February 2022 {new focus, community and giveaway oh my!}

The February 2022 BH&H newsletter is now available, including: February focus Exclusive giveaway entry New products coming soon Invitation to join the Simply Organised Community Latest on the blog Download the February newsletter here. Ellie x

Setting Intentions for 2022 {in Business Health & Home}

It feels as though I’ve been working towards 2022 for MONTHS by way of designing and launching the BH&H 2022 Life Planner. And here it is! And let’s face it. No matter what your thoughts are about setting goals and starting new endeavours on the 1st January there is NOTHING {in my humble opinion} moreContinue reading “Setting Intentions for 2022 {in Business Health & Home}”

Blogmas Day 7: Getting Sh*t Done – The Power Hour

Welcome to day 7 of Blogmas!  Today’s topic is all about organisation and the use of the power hour to get sh*t done!  We all have those tasks we’d rather keep putting off until the last moment, even though it inevitably causes us undue stress and sits at the back of our mind as a constant reminder of what we haven’t got done. Continue reading “Blogmas Day 7: Getting Sh*t Done – The Power Hour”

Blogmas Day 4: Have a Jolly Organised Christmas

Hands up who’s feeling organised this Christmas?! If you’re anything like me you’ve got {nearly} all your decorations up, a random array of presents shoved into the top of a wardrobe, cards waiting to be written {with all good intentions to get them posted in time of course} and a vague idea of what you’reContinue reading “Blogmas Day 4: Have a Jolly Organised Christmas”

Hello September | Setting your autumn goals 🍂

Too soon to be thinking about autumn?! NEVER! We all love a summer break but there’s something magical about the fall months – the changing weather, red, brown and golden colours, the lead up to the big C…. {it’s definitely too early to mention that right?!} New month, new academic year, signs of autumn onContinue reading “Hello September | Setting your autumn goals 🍂”

2022 Life Planner Pre-Orders NOW OPEN | + Exclusive Bank Holiday Offers

I am so excited to announce that PRE-ORDERS for the 2022 Life Planner are NOW OPEN! Plus I have a couple of Bank Holiday offers for you – FREE DELIVERY with every order placed until Sunday 5th September 2021 PLUS 15% off TODAY ONLY! More about the planner There’s nothing more satisfying than starting freshContinue reading “2022 Life Planner Pre-Orders NOW OPEN | + Exclusive Bank Holiday Offers”

Back to School 2021-22 | Plus your FREE Checklist

Who intended to get organised for school right at the start of the summer? *puts hand up* Who then left everything until the last minute? *hand stays up*. Ok so truth be told I was slightly organised this year in that I raided the PTFA second hand collection for basically anything else I could layContinue reading “Back to School 2021-22 | Plus your FREE Checklist”

Welcome to BH&H | supporting women to take back control and design their best life

Hello and welcome to the newly rebranded Business Health & Home {previously a Life Twintastic}. Why the rebrand? Good question! A Life Twintastic was originally formed to share my life as a mum of three and wannabe perfect housewife. I then started to explore entrepreneurship and started my own profitable side hustle {Pro Clerking} inContinue reading “Welcome to BH&H | supporting women to take back control and design their best life”