Winter Skin Saviours | 12 Days of Blogmas {Day 3}

On the third day of Blogmas a Life Twintastic sent to me……her favourite winter skin saviours!

With changes in weather, central heating and hot showers it’s no wonder my skin always suffers this time of year. I still use gentle products which won’t irritate my skin and add lots of moisture {repeat after me – moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!}. I also tend to wear a bit more make-up this time of year so I usually double cleanse in the evenings to ensure it’s all removed.

Here are some of my favourite products:

The Staples

These are the three products I use everyday. The Clinique liquid facial soap {cleanse}, Elemis smoothing apricot toner {tone} and Benefit triple performance facial emulsion {moisturise}. This moisturiser contains an SPF 15 which is still important in the winter to protect your skin.

The Extra Saviours

You may have heard me mention Elemis marine cream before – it is my all time favourite product – but with a heafty price tag it’s not something I use all the time {I tend to wait until it’s on special offer}. u

When my skin feels like it needs an added input of moisture I use the Elemis cellular recovery skin bliss capsules. These are day and night capsules which I usually use for about a week to really inject some goodness. They feel lovely and smell amazing!

Lastly – if I want to double cleanse to remove make-up I tend to use the Elemis nourishing omega-rich cleansing oil after my facial soap and remove with a warm cloth before applying toner.

Added Extras

A few additional products to see me through the winter include this overnight sleep mask from Primark, Polaar iced magic eye roller and body butter from The Body Shop. I also use The Body Shop’s born lippy lip balm and Scholl’s cracked heel repair cream during the winter months to make sure my lips and feet are ready for the warmer months.

Just Add Oil

I avoided facial oils for years thinking they would cause my skin to breakout but in fact my skin LOVES oil! This drops of youth serum from The Body Shop is amazing and I also use Bio-oil occasionally right at the end of my evening skin care routine for that extra hit of moisture.

What are your go-to winter skin saviours? Do you wear an SPF during the colder months?

Come back tomorrow for day 4 of the 12 days of Blogmas!

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