Affordable Toddler Girl’s Gift Guide | 12 Days of Blogmas {Day 1}

This year I’ve decided to do a “12 Days of Christmas” post series for Blogmas. So, even though the actual 12 days of Christmas are technically AFTER the big day this series will be posted everyday for the 12 days leading up to (and including) the 25th December.

To kick things off, on the first day of Blogmas, a Life Twintastic sent to me…… an affordable toddler girl’s gift guide! This gift guide is based on my youngest, Penny, who turned 2 in August. Here are 10 ideas for gifts I have got for her or think she would love this year:

1. A Cosy Blanket

We are big on blankets in this house. They are a staple in our living room/bedrooms but the only one’s P now has which are rechnically “hers” are her baby ones she’s really grown out of. So one of the first gifts I got for her this year was a gorgeous cosy blanket which she can call her own just like this one from Next.

2. Tool Set

One of the things we’re trying to do is to start replacing any broken or damaged plastic toys with more sustainable and hardwearing wooden substitutes. P absoluetly loves playing with the boys’ tool set but a lot of the pieces are looking a bit sad now so could easy be donated or binned and replaced with a set like this one from John Lewis.

3. Ride on Car

I toyed with the idea of getting P a scooter or a remote control car but decided to settle on this really lovely Fiat 500 ride on – she already has a bike {which her legs are still too short to use!} and she’s so independent I think she’ll have more fun ramping around the house /garden safely on something like this from Smyths Toystore for a few years to come at least 🙂

4. Character Play

Toy versions of your child’s favouite characters are always going to be a huge hit! We actually got P these Bing characters from Argos for her last birthday. They are really good quality and {I think!} pretty unbreakable.

5. Dolls House

P’s never actually had a “proper” dolls house. We’ve got a lovely secondhand Melissa and Doug castle from Facebook Marketplace which she loves playing with so when Grandma and Grampy suggested getting her a wooden dolls house I thought it would make a really lovely addition to the set she already plays with {she can make a little village/kingdom!}. There are loads of lovely, reasonably priced wooden dolls houses on the market like this one from Argos.

6. Accessories: Hair

At the moment P isn’t too bothered with what clothes she wears but she LOVES accessories! One of my absolute favouite small brands to get hair accessories from {for both me and P!} is Perdys Made with Love.

7: Accessories: Bag

Another accessory P loves is a bag. There are sooooo many available online – I love this one from Accessorize.

8. {Non} Messy Play

If you haven’t yet discovered mess free colouring these products will change your life! At that age when your little ones love to colour and explore but you don’t {always} want to have to make or clear up a lot of mess these are brilliant and take the stress out of letting your toddler unleash their inner artist anywhere and everywhere. P has recently become a big Paw Patrol fan so this Crayola Mess Free Colouring set from Amazon is perfect.

9. Role Play Sets

Another set of toys we’re starting to replace is the plastic play food. I came across these felt play sets when I was doing an Ikea haul. They have loads of lovely role play toys! Shes got the veg, fruit and cinnimon roll set for Christmas.

10. Kinetic Sand

And last but not least, another firm favouite in our house – kinetic sand. This is fun for everyone {includingthe adults!} and I think will be something P will really enjoy this year. You can get loads of different colours and sets – like this one from Argos – and it is possibly the most satisfying thing in the world {check out kinetic sand videos on YouTube….!}

I hope you found this gift guide useful and be sure to look out for day 2 of the 12 days of Blogmas coming tomorrow.

Until then – happy Blogmas!

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2 thoughts on “Affordable Toddler Girl’s Gift Guide | 12 Days of Blogmas {Day 1}

  1. Some great gifts you have lined up. Blankets are big in our house too. We’ve got our 2yr old one of the crayola mess free sets too, a peppa pig one, she is mad on peppa.


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