ALT Newsletter {July 2021} | New Product, Business Pivot + Summer Plans {Oh My!}

Hello and welcome to the July edition of the A Life Twintastic {ALT} newsletter!

I’ve been a bit quiet posting on here over the last couple of weeks – as some of you may know I’ve recently invested in a personal and business coach and to be honest it’s taken up the majority of my brain power! That and it being a busy time of year for work have meant I’ve let my goal of posing two blog posts a week has been lacking – BUT after a pretty epic mindset shift I’m back on task and ready to take action 🙂 I’ll be posting more about my personal development journey soon 🙂

But for this newsletter see below for what’s been happening on the blog this last month plus information on my new digital Life Planner, a change in direction for my business and plans for the summer!


Well well well! Lot’s going on both in front and behind the scenes. I launched my second digital Life Planner at the end of June – this undated, re-branded, updated version has a new style, new pages and means you can start using your new planner at ANY time of the year! Find out more here and remember ALT followers get 20% off with the code LOVINGLIFE 🙂 {PLUS don’t forget to check out FREE “How-to” eBook to find out what a digital planner is all about – INCLUDING a FREE prototype planner to try before you buy 🙂

Following on from that I’ve started doing some groundwork to print and publish my first hardback planner – more information coming soon!

There is also lots going on behind the scenes of both ALT and my other business, Pro Clerking {which is focused on supporting, upskilling and empowering Clerks and Company Secretaries in the education sector} – taking action to move my dream of having hardback planners forwards, making BIG decisions in the direction I want to take my businesses and getting braver around injecting my personality into {especially} Pro Clerking and connecting emotionally with what I offer which is going to have a HUGE impact on delivery of services and products going forwards.

I also launched my Governance Compliance Resource Package and delivered free compliance and end of year task overviews to my Pro Clerking community PLUS more than quadrupled my email subscriber list with a freebie {more on this in a later post!} plus started work on my next launch – the New Clerks’ Network UK 🙂

I’ve also taken a change in direction with Pro-Clerking and handed in my notice to my day to day clients {eeek!} in favour of growing the mentoring and coaching side of my business. I’m really excited about this new opportunity {although I have dabbled in coaching previously} and looking forward to seeing how things map out!

On the Blog:




My personal and business coaching has been focused around my own personal development and mindset. The process is by no means easy and it’s been a rollercoaster of a ride. Changing your mindset involves taking action and discipline, two things I am starting to incorporate into my daily life. As previously said, I’ll be posting more about this soon 🙂

On the Blog:



Not much has been going on on the home front other than the start of summer holidays! We’re really lucky that the boys’ school has an open air swimming pool which we are able to use as part of the school community. Along with their school swimming lessons we usually go 3 times a week and the boys have really improved in both their water confidence and swimming. I make sure I take P at least once a week too to either the school pool or another local “splash” pool to build her confidence having not been in a pool since she was less than one years old due to Covid. She’s just turned a corner and is now happy to float and swim about on her own using these great pool floats and even jumping in!

{Miss P loving the swimming pool!}

We haven’t got any holidays planned this week, mainly because Mr H will be working all summer but we have got some lovely days out planned – make sure you follow our mini adventures over on Instagram! We also have family visiting at the end of August which we’re really looking forward to.

On the Blog:


What plans do you have this summer? Has it been sunny where you are?

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