How a Blog can Help Grow Your Business | {And add value to your clients}

Did you think a blog is just for people who want to share their latest cupcake recipe or “how-to” guide as a side hobby to their “real” job?

Well, well, well my friend. I’m here to tell you not only that blogging is a REAL JOB {which you can make money from no less} but also that having a blog can help you to GROW your business and/or brand and add VALUE to your clients or customer base. When done properly starting a blog for your business can create a whole range of new opportunities and boost your marketing power.

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Don’t believe me? Read on….

10 Ways a Blog can Help Grow Your Business {and add value to your customers}

1. Increase brand awareness

Having a blog is a great way of not only advertising your business but it also allows another avenue of increasing your brand awareness and personal brand. A blog post is a great way of being more informal and letting your personality shine! They also help bring businesses to life and create consistent branding to create more leads and therefore more customers.

2. Provide direct links to products or services

Don’t have the swipe up option {aka links} on Instagram stories? Me neither! Blog posts are great for allowing you to add direct links to products, services, categories or collections without having to reach a certain number of followers or subscribers. Hazzah!

3. A chance to showcase your products, services and expertise

Why not write a blog post about how a customer can use your products/ a particular product or how your services can improve working or personal practices. Blogs give you a chance to share more information, really diver deeper into your products or services and showcase your wonderful products.

4. Create new leads {hello blogging community!}

Creating a blog opens up a WHOLE new platform of potential leads – the blogging community is VAST and will therefore the opportunity to expand your clientele just by simply having a blog!

5. Improve your Search Engine Optimisation {SEO}

Done properly, blogging can improve your website’s Google search rank, bring more people to your website and therefore create more leads. Basically the more activity you have on your website the higher it’s likely to rank in searches – regular blog posts will help maintain your search engine rankings.

6. Increase credibility

By showcasing your expertise, the quality and functionality of your products and/or services you will improve your business’ reputation and build a strong LIKE, KNOW, TRUST factor.

7. A way to flex your content ideas for social media

Are you stuck for content ideas but are still keen to stay consistent and present? Blogging adds another string to your content bow by allowing you to write about a whole range of material from the history of your product, how you started your business, customer Q&As or showcase customer reviews. Having a few blog posts in your back pocket can help ease dry spells and can be automated to post at a time and date of your choice.

8. A change to set up a regular newsletter or email list

A lot of websites {such as GoDaddy} allow you to create a blog within their hosting package. Plus they also allow people to subscribe to an email list {more on this in a later post!} to which you can send out links to your latest blog post or a regular newsletter. Don’t have a website? You can create a blog for FREE on platforms such as WordPress which you can create a direct link to from your Instagram bio or Facebook page. Platforms such as MailChimp also allow you to set up an email list – so there are lots of options!

9. Give you a chance to write a Call to Action (CTA)

A great way to turn cold leads into warm ones is to add a CTA at the end of each blog posts. For example you could leave your contact link if they would like more information or if they would like to work with you or include your social media links. People are more likely to follow through when they are given direct instructions!

10. Answer FAQs and customer queries

Lastly – a great idea for a blog post is create a one stop shop for any frequently asked questions or customer queries. Are people always asking what colours are available for a certain jewellery line? Write a blog post! Are you always getting asked about upcoming event? Write a blog post!

Creating and maintaining a blog for your business can create a whole range of new opportunities – but remember, when it comes to growing your business and adding value CONSISTENCY IS KEY!


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