Covid-19 Isolation Help Postcard

Do your bit in your local community by offering help and support to those around you. Just as everyone has a part to play during this time everyone also has something to offer.

Over on my Instagram account I am attempting to do a daily live check-in just to say hi, see how everyone is doing, let you know how I’m feeling and what we have planned for the day. I’m hoping this will help me to stay motivated, help those feeling most isolated and be an opportunity to share ideas/stories. I am also very mindful of those who don’t have such easy access to the virtual world and how we can help them to feel less alone and vulnerable.

Once the boys are home from school today we will be posting an isolation offer of help postcard to our neighbours – including the offer of picking up shopping and urgent supplies but also to receive postcards or pictures from my children – this may not seem much but for those feeling very isolated a small gesture can go a long way. We will also be writing letters and sending pictures to our local care home.

You can download a copy of my Covid-19 Isolation Help Postcard template below:

Please bear in mind – Coronavrus is contagious. Please help by spreading only kindness. Avoid physical contact and wash your hands. Leave packages on the doorstep.

Stay vigilent and stay safe.

All my best

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