The Big {Pink} Jumper

The Big Pink Jumper - A Life Twintastic

Truth be told I’ve not been feeling particularly pukka lately.

Big changes are looming; with the end of my maternity leave playing heavily on my mind and an overwhelming list of jobs I’d hoped to complete before going back to work paralysed by procrastination/mummy life {see The Art of {Completion}}.

On Saturday I was presented with an unexpected opportunity to leave the house {Mr H had hurt his back so was off work}. So like any wild-at-heart mum I left the boys at home and took P to Tesco {ha!} Wandering around at our own pace was blissful. P is now big enough to sit in the trolley and Tesco’s free fruit for kids policy meant she could happily munch on a banana – thank you free entertainment!

And there it was. On a random sale rack by the biscuit aisle. A big pink jumper. My interest was sparked. It was bright and loud. Everything I was not feeling. But I liked it anyway. And quite frankly for a tenner it was an absolute bargain.

Back home and on it went. I instantly felt self-conscious and slightly blancmange like. But oh wow it was sooooo comfortable and perfect for lounging around the house in if nothing else.

{Living it large amongst the playroom chaos}
{The pink jumper}

Later that day my friend popped round and we took the kids for a walk to the park. I was planning to change but couldn’t be bothered and that’s when I thought f**k it. I love my big pink jumper. I’m comfortable and it makes me happy so who cares what anyone else thinks. {Self-conscious thoughts be gone!}

The next day I wore it again to the garden centre. Then again this morning and now snuggled up in bed {it probably needs to go in the wash}.

I’ve still got some work to do on my self-confidence and getting to a place I feel happy both mentally and physically but for now I shall wear my big pink jumper with pride 🙂

The point of this post? To say wear your ‘pink jumper’, don’t let your perceived thoughts of what other people think deter you from being you and doing/wearing what makes you happy. I may not always feel bright, but in my big pink jumper maybe I can fake it ’til I make it right?




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