30 Days of Personal Development {with a Life Twintastic}

Hi, remember me? Fresh from my latest bout of absence I’m the first to admit consistency is not always my thing. This past month I’ve not really felt like doing anything; whether that be Instagram, working on my business or blogging, to the point I actually started taking on consultants to take on some of my workload so that I could take an active step back.

With the fog beginning to clear and some kind of normality in the world returning I can begin to feel that familiar pull of creativity and the desire to re-take the reins.

But here’s the thing. Bouts of creativity and motivation are all very well but, for me, these usually end up in overwhelm and ultimately withdrawal. And so the cycle continues.

As I lazily scroll through YouTube for inspiration {aka the answer to all my self-sabbotage problems} I found myself skipping the usual “get it all done”, “day in the life” and productivity videos in favour of something new. It was then I came across a video by Sam Laura Brown {an Australian blogger, YouTuber and Podcaster – is that a word?!} called How To Create a Personal Development Plan which sparked my interest. In this video Sam spoke about her desire to create conent which inspires her to be a better person then tells her exactly how to do it which then prompted a series of in-depth exploration posts into how to be the best version of ourselves. Still with me? Exhausting as this sounds I watched on and it was literally one of those moments you have to laugh at because what she was describing was, well, me.

Alongside this video is a blog post; “A Beginner’s Guide to Personal Development”, in which Sam provides an overview of what personal development is and isn’t, including the misconception that personal development is for people who are considered “broken”. She also talks about how to start your own personal development journey, create a plan and what to expect. And as if this wasn’t enough – Sam also has a podcast and a FREE self-discovery workbook. Amazeballs right?

One of the things Sam talks about which really resonated with me was about being a perfectionist and having an all or nothing approach. This has always been a personal battle of mine with many aspects of life which brings me back to the first area of self-development I’d like to focus on – consistency and the development of positive habits.

This could easily branch out into different areas – health, business, blogging – something which would usually trigger my all or nothing approach where I would want to change or work on everything at once then when I inevitably realise I can’t, I stop. But what I really want to focus on first is the habit of simply being consistent. To do this I’m setting myself the goal of spending 30 mins a day {max} working on my personal development – 15 minutes of learning {watching/listening/reading} and 15 minutes of implementation and action. For example, I may read 15 minutes of a personal development book {such as Atomic Habits by James Clear} or listen to a podcast then spend 15 minutes journalling about what I’ve learnt, completing a workbook or going out into the world to take action. By doing this relatively simple task I’m hoping to create a sense of discipline which I can then take into other areas of my life.

And I’d like to take you along on this journey with me. Sam undertook 365 days of personal development. I’m aiming for 30 days {in the first instance}.

Why I am planning to share my personal development journey

  • To give back more than I take
  • To stay accountable
  • To try to break my all or nothing tendancies
  • To challenge myself
  • To install some consistency and discipline
  • To prove to myself that I can do it!

How I am planning to share

I’m aiming to upload daily posts to Instastories over at my Instagram account @alifetwintastic to say what I’m up to that day, how I’m going to work on my personal development and how I’m feeling as well as updates on the blog. Some {most} days are going to be pretty boring with short posts but I’m hoping other days will be inspiring, productive and take positive steps forward.

My personal success criteria

My success criteria would be to be more present and consistent both on my a life twintatsic blog/Instagram, business and personal life.

What do I envisage this looking like?

  • Not waiting for things to be perfect before I start/take action vs. my usual all or nothing approach
  • Consistent, useful content vs. impulsive creativity followed by a drought
  • Consistently opening up and getting involved in conversations / communities vs. actively shying away from them
  • Checking and actioning/delegating my emails regularly vs. letting them build up and feeling constantly behind/overwhelmed
  • Creating boundaries around when I need/want to work, be creative, be lazy, be mum etc.
  • Putting the washing away before it becomes a mountain of doom!

Just to turn this on it’s head for a second, maybe I am already more consistent then I consider myself to be. I already consistently look after my kids, take them to school, feed, wash and clothe them. I show up to meetings and take phone calls. I put dates in my diary and give in permission slips. I brush my teeth everyday! Pretty darn consistent right?!

And maybe consistency is at times exactly what I don’t need. Something I definitely do not want to lose is the impulsive, spontaneous moments of creativity. I don’t want to create regimes so structured that I feel trapped and limited. Instead I hope to achieve the mental and physical space to take consistent action on these moments even if they end up not working out. This new endeavour, for example, may end up being a flop or my focus may completely change or life happens and things get in the way. And that’s ok, it’s all part of being productive not perfect. That is unless my desire to be more consistent and habit based is actually my subconscious sneakily trying to create a perfect life whilst I’m consciously trying to step away from perfectionism as a barrier to creativity. Agh – what a minefield!

At the heart of all this is my continued need to create a simplier, easier but also fullfilling life. I’m a very simple creature at heart. So watch this space {or to be more exact my Instastories} for regular updates and feel free to hold me accountable if I fall off the face of the blogging world again!

Have a great day

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Mass toy sort out | Project Simplify

The playroom of doom. Literally the absolute joy and bane of my life. We are so lucky to have such a great space at the top of our house but oh my days I must have lost YEARS of my life trying to keep on top of keeping it organised {and sanitary}.

Re-wind to pre-kids. This space {which is essentially 3/4 of the third floor of our house} was used mainly for storage. How two people can fill a four bedroom house with a fully converted attic and garage I will never know! Anyway, once the twins arrived it became a much welcome space to store all their stuff and hand-me-down clothes from friends and family etc.

It then became a playroom probably when the boys were around 2.5 years old and since then it’s been a great space to move around and adapt to their age and stage of development. BUT it has also been continuously used as a dumping ground and a space so full of STUFF that the boys just end up trashing then not playing up there. Which is a huge shame. {Note – I totally get this, it’s overwhelming having so much stuff and when they can’t find something of course they tip EVERYTHING out}.

Then along came little miss P and once again the room was re-worked so she could play safely away from the boys’ toys and have her own little area (of course they are always supervised). As the boys got older they started to take over again and we moved P’s stuff downstairs so they could play independently without worrying about their little sister eating/rampaging through their stuff.

This set-up has worked quite well but the playroom continues to be, well, pretty demoralising. Yes it’s a room we can shut the door on and essentially ignore the chaos but, speaking from experience, it also needs a regular “sweep” to discard of abandoned socks, apply cores, broken toys etc.

Although we are constantly tacking the playroom lockdown has provided the opportunity to really get into Project Simplify throughout the house. We seem to have been de-cluttering since March and, now almost a year on, I still can’t believe how much stuff we have. But it does finally feel like we’re finally getting somewhere. Of course things will continue to adapt as children and tastes grow but I would still like to live as simply as possible.

Which brings me back the playroom. The main aim of my current clear out has been to create space to store toys with a view to starting a rotation system {I know, I know, I’m totally late to the game}. So I cleared out the garage {just because that’s where I always seem to start}, moved on to the “sentimental” cubby hole, which now holds the season stuff from the garage, moved my “to fit back into one day” clothes {yes I know but I can’t help but keep them} into one wardrobe, moved Mr H’s seasonal stuff from our built in wardrobe to where my “skinny” clothes were {still with me?!} so that FINALLY I could utilise our big built in cupboard for toy storage {if that felt like hard work imagine actually having to move it all}.

Of course I’ve also ditched a lot of stuff and now have a good car load to donate/sell so it does feel like we’ve made progress in the battle to simplify but I know we still have a long way to go. I want everything to be used, useful or something we love. I try to think – if we moved to a smaller home would we take it? This helps be decided if I really like something or not.

Anywho, I digress {again}. So the plan for the playroom was this: to keep it clear enough that the kids could actually play. Swap out the fabric cube storage for hardier plastic ones then keep 4-5 boxes of toys they are actually “into” at the moment {namely cars, dinosaurs, two boxes of train sets and the mega blocks for P}. A box of their favourite toys would l go into their room {monster trucks} and the rest would go into storage to be rotated/got out and put away. {Note – this doesn’t include the stuff in P’s room, stuffed toys or the toys downstairs – wow they really do have a lot don’t they!}

10 lessons I’ve learnt from {home learning} | Lockdown 3.0

{Thursday 21st January 2021}

I think it’s pretty fair to say that week 3 of lockdown 3.0 has pushed me to the edge. It was always going to happen. My inner perfectionist kidding me into thinking we can do it all and come out feeling rosey on the other side. Yet here we are. Fresh off what may have been the worst day since Covid was nothing more than a mere whisper back at the start of 2020.

Let’s rewind to week 1 of lockdown 3.0. That first week of January was a bit of a blur. The swift 180 from preparing to go back to school to being delved back into juggling home learning, home life and work wasn’t easy for anyone. Can I just make a note here to say {in my opinion} schools have been INCREDIBLE! I literally would have spontaneously combusted with all the pivoting they’ve had to do and quite frankly everyone working in the education sector deserves a medal.

For context, for those who don’t know us, we have 5 year old twin boys and a 2 year old little girl. My husband has been furloughed and I work 2 days a week plus run a small business {in addirion to this blog}.

We started lockdown 3.0 ready to take on the world; only for that world to buckle under the strain to the point I feared I would come out of lockdown with not only an expanded waistline but a damaged relationship with my children. And this was something I could not allow.

So, if like me you have been struggling – here are a few things we have learnt during our most recent home learning journey. {Some of these may not be relevant to your aged children or seem obvious – but it takes my inner perfectionist a little while to “do one” and simmer down,}.

1. Trying to replicate school at home DOES NOT WORK

My inner role play {steady} dreams came true. Armed with a white board and pens, date neatly written at the top ready to greet my eager students for the day. Then I remembered these eager students are in fact my children. And I am their mum. It was fun to play classroom teacher but, for us, it didn’t work. This is home learning during a National pandemic. Not school or homeschooling.

2. Address your expectations

If like me you have a nagging inner perfectionist who wants to be able to do absolutely everything to the best of everyone’s abilities you may need to have a stern word and remind him or her to chill their beans. This is not to say we don’t have high expectations of our children but these expectations also need to be achievable. And we all know what happens when you put too much pressure on a child {or yourself} and it’s not usually pretty. And I know our school for one have repeatedly said they don’t expect us to do everything, even though my inner perfectionist hears “but really you should be able to”.

3. Structure vs. Flexibility

Ok, so I loooovvveee me a routine. And I loooovvveee writing out a schedule. Your school may even send you a timetable and you may have set lessons or live sessions each day. Now this may work a treat for your family, a lot of children thrive off routine and structure. However, again, they are not in school. They are at home. So building in some flexibility may help ease some of the pressure. Think about when your children would do their homework on a normal day. Do they enjoy reading at breakfast time or going through their spellings before bed. Maybe they would be better doing bits of their work, if they can, before morning registration. You don’t necessarily have to stick to school hours during this time.

4. Take the spot light off yourself

It’s easy to feel pressure on ourselves to get our children to do all their work to a high standard as if this directly reflects on our ability as a parent. Do you think teachers are able to get the best out of their students every single day? If you’re feeling the pressure try making some tweaks – be honest with your friends if you’re struggling, you may find they are too. Don’t compare your child’s work to that of their peers. Your child doesn’t like to be seen on camera and never talks? That’s ok. Feel like a everyone is winning at life on Instagram? Take a break or follow some more honest accounts.

5. Give them some independence

Something I hear a lot with having twins is people saying but at least you have two the same age. Whilst I can obviously see the advantage of not having to cover several different year groups make no mistake. This s*it ain’t easy. They may be learning the same things but that doesn’t mean they are at the same level and enjoy or are good at the same things. They are individuals. And should be treated as such. Something I noticed this week is how much we hover over them when they work. Instantly correcting or even doing the work for them {blush}. Being only 5 my boys do need supervision but they also need a bit of independence. You may be amazed at the results.

6. Let them get things wrong

On a similar note. Let them make mistakes! Mistakes are how we learn. They shouldn’t be punished, blamed or shamed. Teachers won’t be fooled. If little Jonny is suddenly turning in perfectly formed sentences and reading 14 books a day it’s going to ring alarm bells. The most important thing is that that they try.

7. Half a day at a time

Home learning is INTENSE. For you. For your child. For your neighbours who hear you shouting 4+10 is NOT 10!! for the millionth time. I heard quite a few people say they like to do school work in the morning then let their kids play in the afternoon and I couldn’t fathom how on earth they fitted everything in. Today we all agreed we’d “smash out” {yes, that’s what we said} school work in the morning and have the afternoon off. Do you know what happened? We got through maths, phonics and English {with the boys having much more ownership over their work}, stopped for lunch. They played all afternoon then before dinner we looked at their phonics and maths puzzle books {which we had at home anyway} and practiced spellings. This is when we would usually do homework and taking that pressure right off did us all the world of good.

8. Be open and honest with your child and their teacher

My younger twin in particular has been having a hard time of home learning. Yesterday was a dark day in that I was at my wits end. He had completely shut down and we were both in tears. I didn’t know what to do. All the “parenting techniques” google had to offer weren’t working. We were at breaking point. I felt like a total failure. He was confused, upset and angry. In the end I sat him down and explained why we had been asked to do school work at home at the moment and why I was finding this really hard. He still didn’t want to open up much to me but he was able to express that he was finding it hard too. I then arranged a one on one video chat with his teacher and another chat with my sister {who is also a teacher}. Having that link back to school and some one on one time to himself was really helpful. Did I like his teacher seeming my ugly crying face? Not particularly. Was it a huge weight off to be honest that we were struggling and to hear it straight from her that we were doing ok?? Absolutely.

9. Think outside the box

If you’re really struggling to get the set work done each day and, like us, are having daily battles which you’ve quite frankly had enough of, remember there are other ways children can learn. They don’t need to be sat at a table, pencil in hand. Use toy cars to run through some maths equations. Ask your child to dictate a story for you to write down then maybe they can draw some pictures to go with it – English and art, boom! Let them practice letter formation with an app or on a white board. Let them be the teacher for the day and teach YOU about the different ways to write the sound “e” or find number facts of 13. I heard someone say the other day – why do you think teachers are usually so tired? Because they spend all their time trying to make learning FUN.

10. Celebrate small victories

Only managed to do half the set maths work today? Amazing! Your child sat to do their spellings without fuss? Fantastic! They tried their best. Well that is all we can ask. Remember, you’re not lowering your expectations, you’re trying to get through a really strange time as best you can. Schools are amazing. They will offer support if you ask and they will help close any gaps in learning when your kids go back to school. They do not expect you to suddenly be expert at something they undergo years of training to do. And if your child is proud of something, let them celebrate or share it.

Remember, the most important thing from all this is not that little Jonny completed all his phonics every.single.day. But that he is healthy and happy. And if he’s managed to conquer conjunctions and convections then gold star for him. And if not, that’s fine too. And don’t forget to thank those who are doing all they can to support you and your children. This lockdown is different. A higher proportion of children are in school. Schools are not “babysitting”. They are teaching, creating home learning, supporting and being asked to do all this during a National pandemic and with bearly any notice or concrete guidance. We are doing our bit by keeping our children at home {if we can}. This too shall pass. There will be bad days and better days. You CAN do anything. But not everything.

Habits over {motivation} | 8 habits before 8am

I am a BIG fan of routines and when thing get on top of me laying out a plan of action is definitely a big part of my go-to self-care toolkit. But creating {or sticking to} new routines is HARD. We so often think we need to be more motivated or have more willpower then beat ourselves up when these start to wane. You may have heard people referring to motivation as a limited resource which will eventually run out. No wonder we find it hard to keep up!

I was watching YouTube the other morning {hello 4:30am wake up call from the toddler}. Sam Ozkural was talking about 10 habits before 10am and how to habit stack which really sparked my interest.

As you know a lot of the actions we undertake everyday are done out of habit – from brushing your teeth to checking your social media and putting the dishwasher on before bed every night.

But creating a new {of breaking bad} habits can be tricky. Habit stacking {taken from the book Atomic Habits by James Clear} is where new habits are created by “stacking” them onto already established habits and therefore making them more likely to stick.

For example : After I {existing habit}, I will {new habit} / After I put the kettle on for my morning coffee, I will practice 3 minutes gratitude.

So although motivation may not always be on your side, building habits can help you be productive and successful without the reliance of feeling motivated all the time.

The key here is consistency. Another thing I really like about Sam Ozkural is how she holds herself accountable to, for example, workout every day. I find how she practices discipline in her daily routine {as well as her business and other areas of her life} really inspiring.

I don’t know about you but lockdown 3.0 has really knocked me for 6 and the constant rollercoaster of change has definitely affected my productivity and get-up-and-go. Our routine has been tuned on it’s head and I’ve been struggling to see the wood for the trees.

I always think I am more productive in the morning {even though I’ve been struggling to get out of bed lately!} So I was really interested to see Sam’s morning routine and how she used habit stacking to get tasks done and set herself up for the day.

Sam advised setting a goal time to achieve certain things by and not to check your phone/social media until after that time. You also want to make sure you pick achievable habits and start small! I decided I wanted to try to get certain things done before 8am which is when I need to get the kids ready for school etc. Here’s what I came up with:

Habit 1 : 6:30am : Wake-up

Habit 2 : Workout clothes and trainers laid out, get dressed

Habit 3 : Fill water bottle

Habit 4 : 6:45am : 10-15 mins exercise

Habit 5 : 7:00am : Shower, skincare, get dressed, make-up and hair

Habit 6 : 7:30am : Make beds, clean up space

Habit 7 : 7:40am : Make coffee

Habit 8 : 7:45am : Drink coffee at table, update planner and / or journal

8:00am : Goal time! And onto school routine / work / toddler time

And of course I may not keep this up everyday {and I don’t intend on beating myself up if I don’t} but this, for me, is a very achievable routine which not only sets me up for the day but also ensures I make that time for myself and find a way of fitting in a few of the tasks which I often feel I don’t have time or the motivation for. I will be aiming to complete these habits 5 days a week and enjoy a more relaxed weekend.

Namely – 10-15 mins exercise {whether that be a run, on the bike, following a YouTube video or stretching}, drinking enough water, cleaning up my space and consistently using my planner. All {in theory} before 8am! And of course habit stacking can be completely customised to suit you. And also changed or tweaked as our “new normal” changes once again. These habits can also be added to to create a whole day’s or an evening structure. For example if you want to change the habit of looking at your phone before sleep perhaps you could start a new stacked habit of brusing your teeth then plugging your phone in to charge across the room.

What habits would you like to add into your day? What habits could you stack them onto?

The Sunday {Basket}

Do you have that pile {or piles} of paperwork lying around that doesn’t really have a home to live in? Stuff that clutters up your surfaces but if you put away will likely be forgotten about? I know I do. And it’s taken me 36 years to finally find a solution. The Sunday Basket!

I first heard about this concept from The Minimal Mom on YouTube. As some of you may know I am a HUGE fan of my “bung-it basket” and this system triggered another one of those “ah ha!” moments for me. The “Sunday Basket” was created by Lisa Woodruff from Organize 365 to help organise household paperwork. And the system is as simple as it sounds – a place {or “basket”} where your paperwork lives and gets dealt with every single Sunday {or whatever day of the week you decide}. It’s a routine which creates a simple “command centre” which allows you to locate papers when you need them with the idea that eventually the time you spend sorting and actioning the items within your Sunday Basket becomes less leaving you more time to do the things you want.

Here I’m going to share with you how to set up your own Sunday Basket and and how to make it work for YOU:

Setting up your Sunday Basket

There are loads of great examples of Sunday Baskets on Pinterest – all you need is some kind of box {it doesn’t have to be fancy} and a simple filing system – labelled plastic wallets, a concertina file etc. Then collect up all the random papers, post, lists etc. cluttering up your space and put them in the basket. You could also use it to store your diary, a pencil case, a notebook and/or your budget information {like these FREE budget resources}.

Establish your system

On Sunday {or whichever day you decide} sort your papers into actionable categories – for example, to action this week, this month, to file, to pay etc. then dedicate some time to completing those tasks which need urgent attention {whether it’s half an hour or an hour a week}. Establish your system by re-visiting it every week ensuring those papers which need urgent attention are dealt with during your “Sunday Basket hour” and everything else is moved into the correct folder.

Expand your system

Start using your Sunday Basket to store projects or ideas – all in separate files to ensure you keep coming back to them for review. Use your “Sunday Basket hour” to complete your weekly meal plan or review your diary for the week.

Create a “time will tell” folder – this is something The Minimal Mom suggested which I think is a really great idea to store things that don’t require action – for example it may be a letter letting you know about some upcoming road closures etc. which you don’t necessarily need to do someting with but want to keep around for reference until that work has been completed.

What goes in my Sunday Basket

For my Sunday Basket I’ve been using a Kallax storage box. Inside I have a concertina file with coloured plastic wallets labelled “this week”, “this month”, “time will tell” and “Budgets”. I will also add in projects etc. over time. I also keep a notebook and my paper diary {which I am starting to phase out use of in favour of my digital planner – find out more here} and some post-its to jot down thoughts and ideas. Every week during my “Sunday Basket hour” I then gather up my various white boards {find my FREE monthly and weekly planner templates here} and update them with the week ahead.

This is a process I’m still refining to make work for ME but I’ve definately found it really helpful in dedicating not only a space for all those loose bits of paper and notes but to also sit and dedicate some time to keeping on top of my life admin.

What would you put in your Sunday Basket? I’d love to know if this is a system you find useful!

New year {same me}

Happy New Year! 2021 – the year that HAS to be better than 2020 right?! Yet here we are. Still feeling confused and unsure of what the future holds. Back in lockdown and home learning/working/childcare-ing. Another new normal.

Who took down their Christmas decorations before the New Year? I’m usually desperate to clear the Christmas clutter and have a good clean but this year I was in less of a rush. Keen to hold on to that Christmas spirit. I was in two minds about sending the boys back to school. Mentally it’s absolutely the best thing for them. They need to be learning, being around their friends and thriving. But then lockdown 3.0 came and we’re back to home learning. It’s a different story this time around for us with expectations seemingly much higher {although I know a lot of that pressure is from ourselves – school have been amazing and so supportive!}. There’s also that temptation to once again shut out the world and stay in our post-Christmas holiday bubble. But life {and work} calls. Back to reality {kinda}.

Who’s set New Year’s resolutions? Its hard to make plans at the moment but I found it comforting to sit down and re-examine my goals. This year they look slightly different. I’m not on a quest to change “me”. 2021 will not make me a different person. But I can grow. I can expand {in a business rather than waistline sense – hopefully!}. And I can practice gratitude for the things I have in my life.

2020 was tough. But it also taught us a lot.

It was the year we survived rather than thrived, home schooled and home-worked ♥︎

The year we stayed at home, celebrated lockdown birthdays and spent the summer in our gardens ♥︎

The year the streets stayed bare, we wore masks and enjoyed socially distanced coffees ♥︎

The year we slowed down, held our loved ones close and showed thanks ♥︎

The year we came together to stay apart ♥︎

So what will 2021 bring? Well so far much of the same! But I hope it also brings hope. I hope it brings comfort. I hope it brings joy.

For me I’m planning to focus on creating financial stability, health and moving my side hustles forward. I’ve got lots of exciting ideas and plans this year which I hope will come to fruition. But above all I hope we stay safe, value those closest to us and remember what’s really important.

To enter this new year as the same me. And be proud of it ♥︎

Christmas Day 2020 | 12 Days of Blogmas {Day 12}

Merry Christmas! I know this year is very different to what we had hoped for but I hope you have had a lovely day and managed to spend at least some of it your loved ones.

Here’s a glimpse into what we got up to:

We ended up waking the kids up to see
if Santa had visited ♥︎
Daddy made dinner ♥︎
And went for a post-lunch walk {it wasn’t raining!} ♥︎
With love this Christmas from our family to yours ♥︎
Noah, Ollie and Penny 2020

And as a small gift from me to you – here’s a discount code for 20% off any digital or hardback planner {available soon} you purchase from a Life Twintastic during 2021 : BLOGMAS2020

I hope you enjoyed the 12 days of Blogmas series and I’m looking forward to sharing more posts with you in the New Year xx

Last Minute Chirstmas Preparations | 12 Days of Blogmas {Day 11}

On the eleventh day of Blogmas a Life Twintastic sent to me……a list of last minute Christmas preparations!

Are you all ready for the big day?! Here’s a last minute list of preparations for you just in case!

  • Prepare Christmas lunch ahead {Check out these amazing recipes from Taming Twins – she also gives information on how you can prep food on Christmas Eve over on her Instagram account}
  • Buy last minute fresh or forgotten food
  • Get any last minute presents wrapped
  • Final cleaning and finishing touches to your home
  • Get out the Christmas PJs
  • Plan the table setting
  • Make sure you have enough batteries
  • Get out your Christmas Day outfits
  • Ensure all your serving dishes are clean
  • Call loved ones you won’t see on Christmas Day
  • Prep a notepad and pen to record who got what and from who for thank you cards
  • Put a black bag for any rubbish/recycling close to where presents will be opened
  • Lay out a mince pie/cookie and little tipple for Santa and a carrot for the reindeer!
  • Snuggle up and watch a Christmas movie
  • Put presents under the tree and fill their stockings {obviously once the kids are in bed!}

Keep an eye out for a little gift in tomorrow’s Christmas Day Blogmas post and hope you have a fantastic Christmas 🙂

Meet the Reindeer | 12 Days of Blogmas {Day 10}

On the tenth day of Blogmas a Life Twintastic sent to me……. some snaps of us meeting reindeer!

I don’t know about you but our diary for this year’s Christmas holidays is preeeettttyyy empty {suprise suprise!} But one thing I did book {and am thankful we can still do in our area} is a trip to our local Farm Park to meet some reindeer and do their elf trail.

Here’s what we got up to 🙂

And met Honey and Holly the reindeer ♥︎

I don’t know about you but I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve already tomorrow! We are moving up into tier 3 from Boxing Day which means Dan’s restaurant will be closed and he will be home and furloughed for who knows how long. And so the rollercoaster continues….

Hope you are all keeping safe and well. Come back tomorrow for an earlier Blogmas post sharing some last minutes prep for Christmas.

Christmas Quiz Night | 12 Days of Blogmas {Day 9}

On the nineth day of Blogmas a Life Twintastic sent to me…….. a Christmas quiz night!

One thing which has helped see us through 2020 is virtual quiz nights. These can be set up with loved ones using platforms such as Zoom or you can sign up to join a professional virtual quiz like this one from Inquizition.

To get you started, here are some ideas for questions {and answers!} you can use for your Christmas Quiz:

  1. Name three of the original eight reindeer from the poem “Twas the night before Christmas” {Comet, Cupid, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Donner and Blitzen}
  2. In the song The 12 Days of Christmas….”my true love brought to me nine………” what? {ladies dancing}
  3. London’s Trafalgar Square Christmas tree is traditionally given by which country? {Norway}
  4. What is the last day of Christmas tradionally known as? {twelth night}
  5. What does the word “Advent” mean? {Coming}
  6. There is an island called Christmas Island, true or false? {true – in Australia}
  7. In what year was Band Aid’s orginal version of “Do they know it’s Christmas?” released {1984}
  8. What was the orignal colour of Santa’s suit? {green}
  9. Who wrote “The Nightmare Before Christmas”? {Tim Burton}
  10. How many days are there on a traditional Christmas calendar? {24}

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