Blogmas Day 3: Me, My Mind, and I : The Why Behind The 2022 Life Planner

Read From Idea to Product – The 2022 Life Planner here.

TRIGGER WARNING – This post contains information on mental health disorders bipolar and dermatillomania.

In April 2021 I was diagnosed with bipolar 2 disorder. The long and short of it is that I have struggled with mental health for years {decades}. As with so many of us, periods of depression and {in my case} hypomania are usually triggered by times of extreme stress. When Covid hit in 2020, this particular stress seemed to trigger what’s known as rapid cycling bipolar which resulted in a series of psychiatric reviews, and ultimately a diagnosis and prescription for mood stabilising medication.

Mental health can be incredibly personal and difficult to talk about. It is {still} not widely understood and {unfortunately} so many feel the heavy burden of stigma which continues to surround mental illness. I have touched on my own mental health journey before, including my journey with dermatillomania – but this is probably the most honest I’ve been about me, my mind and I.

I’ll probably go into my bipolar story more in later posts – but for now I’d like to explain why my diagnosis {in part} gave me the final push I needed to make the 2022 Life Planner a reality.

First of all – what exactly is biploar 2 disorder and what are the symptoms? According to you may get a diagnosis of bipolar 2 if you have experienced both at least one episode of severe depression and symptoms of hypomania – hypomania being a milder version of mania.

Common Symptoms
Periods of HypomaniaPeriods of Depression
– Energetic
– Overly irritable
– Abnormal behaviour / acting out of character
– Impulsive with little regard of consequences
– Easily distracted
– Creativity / new ideas
– Mood swings
– Impaired memory
– Talking fast
– Feelings of self importance
– Illogical thoughts
– Insomnia
– Negative outlook
– Self-harm
– Feeling sad / hopeless
– Lacking energy
– Difficulty concentrating and remembering things
– Loss of interest in everyday activities
– Emptiness
– Self-doubt
– illogical thoughts
– Difficulty sleeping or eating
– Despair
– Withdrawal
Rapid Cycling

Bipolar may be considered as rapid cycling if you have experienced four or more depressive, manic, hypomanic or mixed episodes within a year {}. For me this presented during lockdown as rapid extreme changes in mood between hypomania and depression within the same day or even hours. This period was not only very unsettling or me but, as you may be able to imagine, incredibly difficult for my family and was becoming impossible to manage.

Creating the 2022 Life Planner

My diagnosis with bipolar 2 was the trigger I needed to take action and find out how to not only survive life with bipolar 2, but to thrive – both for myself and those closest to me. This is where my coaching journey with Gary Sutton Coaching started and the 2022 Life Planner started to become a reality – a planner designed around my busy life as a mum, entrepreneur, home keeper, friend and wife. A planner which helps unclutter my cluttered mind and contains all the information, structure and reminders I need when I feel like I can’t think straight. An opportunity to “not sweat the small stuff” so that my creativity can flourish during a hypomanic episode or spinning plates don’t drop during times of low mood and depression.

Of course, there are other things which have helped – my prescription for mood stabilising medication helped break the cycle of rapid cycling episodes, journaling helps me to process thoughts and visualisation helps me feel optimistic about the future – but I can personally attest to the posituve effect having a planner with everything I need in one place has had on my mental health – feeling less stressed, more organised and ultimately like a better mum, wife and boss. Bipolar will not define me or limit what I can achieve. I am still finding my way but for the first time in forever, I can think clearly {or at least have a safety net for when I can’t!}

Find out more about bipolar here.

Find out more about and order your own 2022 Life Planner here!

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Day 4:  Have a jolly organised Christmas + FREE Christmas planner Template!


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Blogmas Day 2: From Idea to Product – The 2022 Life Planner {Part 2}

Read Part 1 of From Idea to Product – The 2022 Life Planner here.

The 2021 Digital Life Planner gave me the perfect template to develop what would become the physical 2022 Life Planner product. All designed using the Keynote app on my iPad {or accessed through iCloud on my laptop}. As I played around with designs I started asking for feedback from friends and family then created a 2022 Life Planner Testing Group on Facebook to run ideas past and get feedback on design and content.

By August 2021 I had a pretty good basis and felt ready to start offering pre-orders on Etsy with the aim of an October launch. This may have seemed early but in hindsight was the best {slightly impulsive!} decision I made as actually the process of getting my digital product to final print took A LOT longer than I had originally anticipated!

With encouragment, support and accountability from my business coach, friends and family I tackled barriers head on – nothing was going to stop me from getting this long awaited product finished and out onto the market!

The first main obstacle was finding a printer. I was keen to use a local company {literally 5 minutes from our home!} but after a slow start it became clear they couldn’t deliver what I needed. At this point I already had pre-orders coming in and time was starting to tick along. The same day I realised my first choice of printers couldn’t deliver I researched online UK printing companies – all of which had prices higher than my retail cost – until I came across bookprintinguk.

I put in a quote, ran the figures and spoke with their team online to ensure timescales etc. would work with my October launch date {by this time we were well into September} and hit the confirm button. A couple of protoypes, amendments and changes to materials later and I was finally happy to place my first bulk print order. Around the same time I purchased personalised stickers, thank you cards and business cards from Vistaprint and pink tissuepaper, padded envelopes and magnetic bookmarks from Amazon.

By November the first bulk order had sold out apart from a few copies I set aside for as a demo, giveaway prize in collaboration with Oh So Melty and Beads Bows and Buttons {coming soon!} and stock for a Christmas market in early December. I am now about to order a second batch ready for pre-Christmas deliveries and already have 5 orders to process from this secnd batch. I have also started showing the demo and handing out business cards around local businesses and sending out PR copies to influencers I know and love on Instagram. Feedback so far has been really positive and {although I have been using a prototype for myself} I’m really looking forward to starting 2022 with my own {literally!} new sparkly planner!

Next steps

So what’s next? There has definitely been learning steps along the way and things I would do differently/better next time around – including properly researching and actually having a strategic, marketing and launch plan – rather than just following my nose BUT at the same time I’m proud of myself for taking action, navigating challenges and ultimately making my “little” idea a reality.

Plus I have plenty more ideas in the pipeline including starting work on the BH&H 2022-23 Academic Planner….. Stationary lovers watch this space!

Find out more about and order your own 2022 Life Planner here!

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Day 3:  Me, my mind and I – the why behind the 2022 Life Planner


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Blogmas Day 1: From Idea to Product – The 2022 Life Planner {Part 1}

Hello and a very warm welcome to this year’s Blogmas series! You may remember that last year’s series – the 12 days of Blogmas – well this year I’ll be uploading a new blog post every weekday of December leading up to Christmas – that’s 18 days of free content!

To kick things off I’d like to delve into behind the scenes of my 2022 Life Planner {availabe to purchase now from} and how my niggling idea became a physical, saleable product.

{NOTE: Last orders for pre-Christmas delivery need to be in by Friday 3rd December!}

Just over 2 years ago I was sitting having coffee with a friend at our local garden centre when the conversation got onto things we’d like to do for ourselves now our eldest children have started school. It was then I first tentatively verbalised an idea I’d had about creating a planner aimed at busy women wanting to regain control of their lives and feel organised. This stemmed from both a personal love affair with stationary {if you know you know right?!} and the frustration of never quite finding that “perfect” planner which contains all the information I would want to help organise my various spinning plates.

For context – I’m a mum of 3, had just returned to work after maternity leave and had recently started working for myself as an independent contractor – plus my twin boys had just started school and I continued to juggle childcare for my youngest, then 1 year old. I felt at the end of my tether and constantly chasing my tail with a burning, desperate need for some kind of order to my life!

From that conversation, I started researching how to design a digital planner. I decided to explore this route in particular as, f I’m totally honest, it seemed far safer than the thought of any kind of physical product. Having been a big fan of The Goal Getter podcast by Jenna Kutcher {which I FULLY recommend to anyone wanting to step into entrepreneurial life} I’d heard of the site Skillshare and after a quick search found a course on how to design a digital planner with your iPad. Perfecto.

And so the basis of the Life Planner started to develop. I literally designed and finished an interactable digital planner with clickable navigation links within a month to launch the 2021 Digital Life Planner on 1st January. I had NO marketing plan. NO strategy. I was 100% late to the market but acted as though I had everything covered {fake it until you make it right?!} I uploaded the planner to Etsy and got my first sale {thanks sis {!}}

The 2021 Digital Life Planner did ok. And why did it do “just” ok? Because that’s as well as I thought it would do. I knew digital planners, whilst feeling like the safer option, wouldn’t be the majority of people’s preference and I basically wrote it off before it had even been on sale. It was a hobby. Not a business. Therefore it didn’t matter if it failed right? I wasn’t a businesswoman or entrepreneur! I was a mum “playing” business.

Yet this niggling idea was still there. The desire to make a physical product. A Life Planner. My Life Planner. And to make it into a business. This is when I first contemplated hiring a business coach and I started working with Gary Sutton Coaching. Again I tentatively verbalised my idea and BAM it was time to get down to business 🙂

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Day 2:  From Idea to Product – The 2022 Life Planner {Part 2}


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The Atomic Habits {mini} Series Section 1 | Finding Your Identity

Last week I started a read-along with This Splendid Shambles {and co.} of Atomic Habits by James Clear. Basically, a group of us would read a section of the book a week to then discuss and dissect. Now, this is a book I have previously delved through but has been on my list to re-start as {to be honest} my first attempt was pretty half arsed. So when I saw Anjali {from TSS} was starting a read-along I instantly signed up.

The first section of Atomic Habits is focused on setting up the fundamentals of why tiny changes make a big difference, including how habits shape your identity. Now at the end of the first week {and into the second} I have been considering how I see my own identity and how someone with this identity would think and act. To do this, James Clear suggests asking yourself the question “what would someone XYZ do?”

For example, using the identity of someone with clear skin, someone who takes pride in their appearance, someone who is financially responsible, someone who is a good parent, someone who has a successful business or someone who is organised and tidy. What would each of these people do?

Let’s take the example of someone with clear skin. What would someone with clear skin do?

They would probably have a considered and consistent skin care routine. They probably wouldn’t overly touch or pick at the skin or blemishes. They would have a diet rich in nutrients and ensure a good intake of water. They may take skin health supplements which compliment their diet, use sunscreen regularly and they would probably be mindful of the skin care products and make-up they were using.

Which of these habits or actions could we implement in our daily lives to become that person with clear skin? The answer {surprisingly or not} is that we could actually implement most if not all of these actions. Yet a lot of us don’t.

To look at another example, what would someone who is financially responsible do? They would probably set a budget, they would monitor their income and expenditure and ensure the one doesn’t outweigh the other. They would be mindful of how they spent their money and ensure there is a contingency for emergencies. Perhaps they don’t take out credit. Perhaps they do but pay it off regularly. Perhaps everything they own is on credit so they are “cash rich”. Again, implementing all or some of these actions may seem fairly straightforward. But for many even the {perceived} simplest action could be incredibly difficult, overwhelming or seemingly impossible.

This example also brings into consideration different people’s interpretation of what being financially responsible means. The same with other subjective identities such as parenthood. What one person considers “good” may be very different to another’s, and so on.

Of course identities {and their habits} don’t need to be quite so all encompassing. Instead of considering what would an organised person do you may want to think about something more specific to you and areas you’d like to form better habits, for example asking yourself what would someone on top of their laundry do? They’d probably have a consistent routine from sorting to folding and putting clothes away. They may delegate tasks to others within their household or even budget for use of an outside laundry service etc.

Use this free resource to help you think the identity {or identities} you’d like to incorporate into your life, consider what someone with this identity would do and which of their habits you could implement into your own life.

The next step is to prioritise which identify and habit{s} to focus on first. Again, whilst all or many of these actions may appear fairly small and easy to implement, putting them all together is probably going to be counterproductive and end up causing self-sabotage. To think big, start off thinking small {hence the term atomic habits}.

Again, use the free resource {above} to make your own action plan.

Making habits stick

So you’ve chosen your identify, considered what someone with this identity may do and created some habits you can thread into your daily life in order to implement that identity. What’s next? How do you make these new habits stick?

James Clear sets out 4 simple steps to build better habits – Make them obvious, make them attractive, make them easy and make them satisfying.

In the next post in the Atomic Habits {mini} Series we’ll start to explore the first of these steps – making systems {or cues} for behaviour change obvious.

Hello September | Setting your autumn goals 🍂

Too soon to be thinking about autumn?! NEVER! We all love a summer break but there’s something magical about the fall months – the changing weather, red, brown and golden colours, the lead up to the big C…. {it’s definitely too early to mention that right?!}

New month, new academic year, signs of autumn on the way – the best time to revisit your goals and set actions for the coming season.

Introducing The Goal Getter {mini} Academy

Ready to set your autumn goals? Introducing the Goal Getter Academy – a FREE 5 day mini workshop sent straight to your inbox starting Monday 13th September.

Are you ready to take back control and start building your dream life?

Together we’ll work through everything from broadening your mindset and gaining confidence to setting your goals and taking action to see them become reality.

We’ll set achievable action plans and learn about how to create discipline through habits. We’ll look at how you can challenge your mindset and discover your inner confidence.

PLUS you’ll get an exclusive Goal Getter {mini} Academy workbook and sneak peek into the new 2022 Life Planner {available to pre-order nowFREE DELIVERY with every pre-order ends Monday 6th September!}

Sign up via the link below and you’ll receive an email every day for 5 days from Monday 13th September full of FREE content – work through the Goal Getter {mini} Academy either everyday or at your own pace to help create your best life in business health and/or home.

Did you miss our September freebie? Sign up to the Goal Getter Academy to receive your FREE downloadable September monthly planners PLUS the I Believe in Me daily planner straight to your inbox.

Happy goal getting!

2022 Life Planner Pre-Orders NOW OPEN | + Exclusive Bank Holiday Offers

I am so excited to announce that PRE-ORDERS for the 2022 Life Planner are NOW OPEN!

Plus I have a couple of Bank Holiday offers for you – FREE DELIVERY with every order placed until Sunday 5th September 2021 PLUS 15% off TODAY ONLY!

More about the planner

There’s nothing more satisfying than starting fresh with an empty, clear diary. To me it signifies a clean slate, a chance to set goals, brainstorm, get my thoughts in check and have a good old mental declutter. But finding the perfect planner which includes all aspects of our busy lives can be hard. This is why I created the Business Health & Home Life Planner.

As a busy mum of three, homemaker and business owner, I know what it feels like to feel overwhelmed and chaotic. This planner has been designed to help women take back control of their busy lives and make time for the things which are most important to them; whether that be creating a dream home, working on health goals or building a business.

The 2022 Life Planner includes pages for:

♥︎ Vision board and goal setting
♥︎ Task lists
♥︎ Vehicle and password logs
♥︎ Meal ideas, meal planning and shopping lists
♥︎ Exercise and weight tracking
♥︎ Project and event planning
♥︎ Day out and holiday checklists
♥︎ Christmas planning
♥︎ Financial planning
♥︎ Annual, monthly and weekly planning
♥︎ School/work planning and meeting notes
♥︎ Note pages
♥︎ Annual overview and 2023 at a glance

Planners will be dispatched October 2021 ♥︎

Find out more about Business Health & Home at:

Instagram @businesshealthandhome

Facebook @runellierun


Back to School 2021-22 | Plus your FREE Checklist

Who intended to get organised for school right at the start of the summer? *puts hand up* Who then left everything until the last minute? *hand stays up*. Ok so truth be told I was slightly organised this year in that I raided the PTFA second hand collection for basically anything else I could lay my hands on {go me!} {And trust me when I say I will NEVER again buy new uniform unless I absolutely have to – if your school offers second hand items – literally bite their hand off!}

That aside, I then ordered name labels mid way through August {again, go me} mainly because I knew P would be starting nursery and I happened to be talking to a friend who’s little boy starts school this year to whom I recommended the labels we use {find them here} which then prompted me to take action.

{Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash}

That same conversation then got my brain ticking about all the other bits we would need. “I’ve got most of it” I confidently thought…….. but for some magical reason children seem to grow twice as fast during the summer holidays. Sun, soil and…. sweat {?!} obviously does wonders for their cell regeneration. And here we are, with two 6 year old boys who have outgrown 80% of their wardrobe {socks included} and now fitting into 7-8 year sized clothes. Throw into the mix a 3 year old who also seems to have grown a few inches and mummy and daddy’s bank account is suddenly preparing for a proper bashing.

The boys will be starting their 3rd year at school {although technically they are yet to complete a whole school year thanks to Covid} and although the stress of getting all the right “stuff” is notably less, I still feel my brain cranking out of summer mode trying to recall what they actually need.

And I’m guessing I’m not to only one……! So I’ve created a FREE downloadable checklist to help jog your {and my} memory and get us back to feeling like the organised superstars we always intended to be.

There are 2 lists – one in colour and one which is more printer ink friendly {you’re welcome} – both have 2 pages, one with my suggested list and a blank version to create/add your own items specific to your school/setting/child. Simply follow the link below to get your list delivereddirectly to your inbox.

I’d love to hear your feedback – get in touch to let me know what you thought or tag @alifetwintastic on Instagram to get features on my stories!

All my best for your little ones starting or going back to school and enjoy the rest of your summer 🙂

Welcome to BH&H | supporting women to take back control and design their best life

Hello and welcome to the newly rebranded Business Health & Home {previously a Life Twintastic}.

Why the rebrand? Good question! A Life Twintastic was originally formed to share my life as a mum of three and wannabe perfect housewife. I then started to explore entrepreneurship and started my own profitable side hustle {Pro Clerking} in 2019. Since then I have found a real passion for business and alongside a lot of highs and lows, lessons learnt and a focus on my own personal development I want to take you along on my journey to designing my best life – in business {or work/side hustle}, health and {of course} home.

Hence BH&H was born. With the tagline of Enable | Empower | Equip BH&H aims to:

  • Enable women to say yes to their goals, values and dreams
  • Empower women to know they are enough and can do anything they set their mind to
  • Equip women with information and resources to help balance the things which are truly important to them, whether that be starting or growing their side hustle, taking control of their health and well-being or creating a relaxed, functional home

Great! So how exactly is this blog going to help me create my dream life?

Another great question! BH&H will publish two blog posts a week rotating around the three main focus areas {business, health and – you got it! – home} providing hints and tips, inspiration and motivation as well as a real life, current account of my own journey to create my dream life.

You can also join me over on Instagram or Facebook to see what’s going on in our day to day lives and connect on a more personal level!

Anything else?

Well I’m glad you asked 🙂 BH&H is soon to become home to one of my true passion projects {which has been going around and around in my head for literally years} – to create beautiful, functional planners and organisers to help women take back control of their busy lives.

The 2022 Annual Life Planner is currently in production and will be available to pre-order from September 2021 – check out the Planners and Organisers page, head over to Instagram or Facebook or why not subscribe to receive more information directly to your inbox?

What’s next for BH&H?

As always, my brain is on overdrive with ideas for new products and services, including:

  • More planners including the BH&H Blog Planner and Clerks’ Annual Planner {linked to Pro Clerking}
  • Online programmes and eBooks – Design Your Best Life, The Goal Getter, Me My Mind and I and more!
  • Documentary – I have been invited to be part of a Dermatillomania Documentary which will hopefully be filmed later this year 🙂

Lots happening 🙂 Don’t forget to subscribe to stay up to date with the latest blog posts and offers.

New Branding | Under {construction}…..

You may have noticed things have been a bit quiet around here. But let me tell you – it’s been a flurry of activity behind the scenes here at HQ {aka my little home office!}.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a Life Twintastic is undergoing a makeover. ALT will soon become Business, Health & Home {BH&H}. The website is being given a spruce up and soon all the ALT handles will become @businesshealthandhome. I’m aiming for everything to be fully back up and running by the end of the month – same content, same value, new name and new branding!

The blog will continue to post twice a week on all things business, health & home as well as become home to my passion project – creating beautiful planners and stationery to help women take back control in their busy lives.

Alongside this I’ve been doing A LOT of work on my other business – Pro Clerking – which will be launching 1:1 and group coaching plus a members club from September 2021 – it’s all go go go!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for continued support and I’m looking forward to sharing the new Business Health & Home endeavour with you soon.

Ellie ♥︎

ALT Newsletter {July 2021} | New Product, Business Pivot + Summer Plans {Oh My!}

Hello and welcome to the July edition of the A Life Twintastic {ALT} newsletter!

I’ve been a bit quiet posting on here over the last couple of weeks – as some of you may know I’ve recently invested in a personal and business coach and to be honest it’s taken up the majority of my brain power! That and it being a busy time of year for work have meant I’ve let my goal of posing two blog posts a week has been lacking – BUT after a pretty epic mindset shift I’m back on task and ready to take action 🙂 I’ll be posting more about my personal development journey soon 🙂

But for this newsletter see below for what’s been happening on the blog this last month plus information on my new digital Life Planner, a change in direction for my business and plans for the summer!


Well well well! Lot’s going on both in front and behind the scenes. I launched my second digital Life Planner at the end of June – this undated, re-branded, updated version has a new style, new pages and means you can start using your new planner at ANY time of the year! Find out more here and remember ALT followers get 20% off with the code LOVINGLIFE 🙂 {PLUS don’t forget to check out FREE “How-to” eBook to find out what a digital planner is all about – INCLUDING a FREE prototype planner to try before you buy 🙂

Following on from that I’ve started doing some groundwork to print and publish my first hardback planner – more information coming soon!

There is also lots going on behind the scenes of both ALT and my other business, Pro Clerking {which is focused on supporting, upskilling and empowering Clerks and Company Secretaries in the education sector} – taking action to move my dream of having hardback planners forwards, making BIG decisions in the direction I want to take my businesses and getting braver around injecting my personality into {especially} Pro Clerking and connecting emotionally with what I offer which is going to have a HUGE impact on delivery of services and products going forwards.

I also launched my Governance Compliance Resource Package and delivered free compliance and end of year task overviews to my Pro Clerking community PLUS more than quadrupled my email subscriber list with a freebie {more on this in a later post!} plus started work on my next launch – the New Clerks’ Network UK 🙂

I’ve also taken a change in direction with Pro-Clerking and handed in my notice to my day to day clients {eeek!} in favour of growing the mentoring and coaching side of my business. I’m really excited about this new opportunity {although I have dabbled in coaching previously} and looking forward to seeing how things map out!

On the Blog:




My personal and business coaching has been focused around my own personal development and mindset. The process is by no means easy and it’s been a rollercoaster of a ride. Changing your mindset involves taking action and discipline, two things I am starting to incorporate into my daily life. As previously said, I’ll be posting more about this soon 🙂

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Not much has been going on on the home front other than the start of summer holidays! We’re really lucky that the boys’ school has an open air swimming pool which we are able to use as part of the school community. Along with their school swimming lessons we usually go 3 times a week and the boys have really improved in both their water confidence and swimming. I make sure I take P at least once a week too to either the school pool or another local “splash” pool to build her confidence having not been in a pool since she was less than one years old due to Covid. She’s just turned a corner and is now happy to float and swim about on her own using these great pool floats and even jumping in!

{Miss P loving the swimming pool!}

We haven’t got any holidays planned this week, mainly because Mr H will be working all summer but we have got some lovely days out planned – make sure you follow our mini adventures over on Instagram! We also have family visiting at the end of August which we’re really looking forward to.

On the Blog:


What plans do you have this summer? Has it been sunny where you are?

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