Declutter & Organise with me! | Series 1 Episode 1 : Matt’s Garage

Welcome to the first Declutter & Organise With Me series! Over the next few months I’ll be sharing videos of decluttering and organisation projects within my own and others’ homes – from kitchen cupboards to a whole garage clear out – this series is sure to give you all the organisation motivation you need to tackle your own projects 🙂

addition to getting my hands dirty I’ll be sharing how you can create realistic organisation systems for everyday life using items you already have in your home!

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Series 1 | Episode 1 : Matt’s Garage

In the first episode of the declutter and organise with me series we’ve travelled to sunny Herefordshire to help Matt tackle his garage of doom! Matt’s vision was to create an art studio space whilst still keeping areas for storage and gardening equipment. This was a BIG project which we knew wouldn’t be finished all in one day but we made a great start ready for him to go through the nitty gritty boxes of stuff {which I may be able to go back to help him with at a later date!} There were a lot of satisfying “oh I’ve been looking for that!” and “I forgot I had that” moments and Matt managed to get rid of at least half of the stuff in there 😱

Ellie xx

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