Setting Intentions for 2022 {in Business Health & Home}

It feels as though I’ve been working towards 2022 for MONTHS by way of designing and launching the BH&H 2022 Life Planner. And here it is! And let’s face it. No matter what your thoughts are about setting goals and starting new endeavours on the 1st January there is NOTHING {in my humble opinion} more satisfying than starting fresh with an empty, clear planner, notebook or page. The New Year signifies a clean slate, a chance to reflect, set goals, get your thoughts in check and have a good old mental declutter.

Before I share my own intentions for 2022, a friendly reminder – Setting intentions for the New Year doesn’t mean that:

1) you have to get your shizzle together TODAY {or tomorrow, or next week}

2) those intentions can’t grow and change

3) you feel pressured into making ANY changes in life

4) you have to be perfect

So with that said, here are my 2022 intentions for in business, health and at home.


To develop firm business foundations, strategy and identity. I currently run two businesses – BH&H and Pro Clerking. Both started off very small {BH&H was originally a blog only and Pro Clerking started off as a way of freelancing} and both have developed during the last year to be able to seriously consider working solely for myself plus start taking on help. BUT, let’s be honest, I tend to follow my nose and make it up as I go along! {You learn by doing right?!} So this year I’d really like to build upon the foundation of my businesses and create a set of procedures, processes and a clear strategy and vision for growth and intention. My brands will remain my brands, with my ethos and values threaded throughout. And I will continue them whilst I still enjoy what I do – creating resources, systems and processes, training, advising, inspiring and having a laugh along the way! Lots of exciting new workshops, products and partnerships on the way in 2022 🙂


To focus on body respect and self-love. I’m not gonna lie – I still want to lose that extra 40lb {or more!} but I am really trying to love myself and my body for what I am NOW. And to treat myself with the same respect I would treat those I love. So what exactly does that look like? It looks like positive self-talk. It looks like nourishment and self-care. It looks like taking care of my mental health, taking time to visualise, breathing in fresh air and doing things and spending time with those that bring me joy or push me to be and do more.


To simplify and let go of things that no longer serve a purpose in our lives. The second half of this intention has already had a huge impact on my mindset when it comes to really ditching the clutter. Asking does this item still serve a purpose? Or has its purpose been fulfilled? Or has it ever served a purpose?! You’ll be surprised how many items it’s easier to let go of when you realise they no longer serve you or your family. So the simplification and organisation process continues – but now I have a clear aim. To reduce the items in our home by 50%. Scary? Yes. Optimistic? Possibly. Doable? Absolutely!

What are your intentions for 2022? Need some help getting started? The downloadable Goal Getter {mini} Academy has been reduced to just £1.20 this weekend only {1st and 2nd January 2022}! The GGmA is a 5 step workbook that will work through everything from broadening your mindset and gaining confidence to setting your goals and taking action to see them come to reality. You’ll set achievable action plans and learn about how to create discipline through habits, challenging your mindset and discovering your inner confidence along the way!

Buy your copy for just £1.20 here!

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Business Health & Home

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