Blogmas Day 4: Have a Jolly Organised Christmas

Hands up who’s feeling organised this Christmas?! If you’re anything like me you’ve got {nearly} all your decorations up, a random array of presents shoved into the top of a wardrobe, cards waiting to be written {with all good intentions to get them posted in time of course} and a vague idea of what you’re having for Christmas lunch and who is actually going to be there {fingers crossed!}

But if you’re also anything like me you feel a whole lot better when you have a plan written down in front of you. Which is why today I’ll be sharing a downloadable PDF of the Christmas Planner pages from the 2022 Life Planner.

Here you can brainstorm gift ideas, menus, traditions and set your Christmas budget too! There’s a Christmas tasks checklist, card and gift lists and an expense tracker to help you feel super organised and ready for this year’s festivities 🙂

Download your FREE PDF Christmas Planner here:

Find out more about and order your own 2022 Life Planner here!

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Day 4:  Winter morning routine: Habits over motivation


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