Back to School 2021-22 | Plus your FREE Checklist

Who intended to get organised for school right at the start of the summer? *puts hand up* Who then left everything until the last minute? *hand stays up*. Ok so truth be told I was slightly organised this year in that I raided the PTFA second hand collection for basically anything else I could lay my hands on {go me!} {And trust me when I say I will NEVER again buy new uniform unless I absolutely have to – if your school offers second hand items – literally bite their hand off!}

That aside, I then ordered name labels mid way through August {again, go me} mainly because I knew P would be starting nursery and I happened to be talking to a friend who’s little boy starts school this year to whom I recommended the labels we use {find them here} which then prompted me to take action.

{Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash}

That same conversation then got my brain ticking about all the other bits we would need. “I’ve got most of it” I confidently thought…….. but for some magical reason children seem to grow twice as fast during the summer holidays. Sun, soil and…. sweat {?!} obviously does wonders for their cell regeneration. And here we are, with two 6 year old boys who have outgrown 80% of their wardrobe {socks included} and now fitting into 7-8 year sized clothes. Throw into the mix a 3 year old who also seems to have grown a few inches and mummy and daddy’s bank account is suddenly preparing for a proper bashing.

The boys will be starting their 3rd year at school {although technically they are yet to complete a whole school year thanks to Covid} and although the stress of getting all the right “stuff” is notably less, I still feel my brain cranking out of summer mode trying to recall what they actually need.

And I’m guessing I’m not to only one……! So I’ve created a FREE downloadable checklist to help jog your {and my} memory and get us back to feeling like the organised superstars we always intended to be.

There are 2 lists – one in colour and one which is more printer ink friendly {you’re welcome} – both have 2 pages, one with my suggested list and a blank version to create/add your own items specific to your school/setting/child. Simply follow the link below to get your list delivereddirectly to your inbox.

I’d love to hear your feedback – get in touch to let me know what you thought or tag @alifetwintastic on Instagram to get features on my stories!

All my best for your little ones starting or going back to school and enjoy the rest of your summer 🙂

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