Welcome to BH&H | supporting women to take back control and design their best life

Hello and welcome to the newly rebranded Business Health & Home {previously a Life Twintastic}.

Why the rebrand? Good question! A Life Twintastic was originally formed to share my life as a mum of three and wannabe perfect housewife. I then started to explore entrepreneurship and started my own profitable side hustle {Pro Clerking} in 2019. Since then I have found a real passion for business and alongside a lot of highs and lows, lessons learnt and a focus on my own personal development I want to take you along on my journey to designing my best life – in business {or work/side hustle}, health and {of course} home.

Hence BH&H was born. With the tagline of Enable | Empower | Equip BH&H aims to:

  • Enable women to say yes to their goals, values and dreams
  • Empower women to know they are enough and can do anything they set their mind to
  • Equip women with information and resources to help balance the things which are truly important to them, whether that be starting or growing their side hustle, taking control of their health and well-being or creating a relaxed, functional home

Great! So how exactly is this blog going to help me create my dream life?

Another great question! BH&H will publish two blog posts a week rotating around the three main focus areas {business, health and – you got it! – home} providing hints and tips, inspiration and motivation as well as a real life, current account of my own journey to create my dream life.

You can also join me over on Instagram or Facebook to see what’s going on in our day to day lives and connect on a more personal level!

Anything else?

Well I’m glad you asked 🙂 BH&H is soon to become home to one of my true passion projects {which has been going around and around in my head for literally years} – to create beautiful, functional planners and organisers to help women take back control of their busy lives.

The 2022 Annual Life Planner is currently in production and will be available to pre-order from September 2021 – check out the Planners and Organisers page, head over to Instagram or Facebook or why not subscribe to receive more information directly to your inbox?

What’s next for BH&H?

As always, my brain is on overdrive with ideas for new products and services, including:

  • More planners including the BH&H Blog Planner and Clerks’ Annual Planner {linked to Pro Clerking}
  • Online programmes and eBooks – Design Your Best Life, The Goal Getter, Me My Mind and I and more!
  • Documentary – I have been invited to be part of a Dermatillomania Documentary which will hopefully be filmed later this year 🙂

Lots happening 🙂 Don’t forget to subscribe to stay up to date with the latest blog posts and offers.

Published by Ellie Hully

Business Health & Home

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