Project Simplify | 6 Week {Declutter} Challenge

News flash! I want to declutter our home! Ok so this may be old news AND something I have talked about {only} a million times before but this time I’m serious. Or at least I’m ready to have another tackle at it. *Sigh*. What makes this time different? Absolutely nothing. Apart from the fact I’ve made a pretty declutter bingo template and have a fresh bout of motivation to clear both physical and mental clutter and enjoy a summer of having less cra*p.

Following on from last month’s 30 Day Health Challenge, this was originally going to be a 30 day declutter challenge. But let’s be realistic for a minute here, I have not got 30 clear days to focus on decluttering, and I bet you don’t either. So I decided to change it to a 6 week declutter challenge. Why? Very simply because {for us} there is 6 weeks left of school before the summer holidays and that seems a nice aim to get shizzle done.

So why the obsession with decluttering? What does project simplify mean? Well, it’s just that. It’s attempting to create a simpler life. It’s an attempt to live with less stress and more space, productivity and gratitude. It’s about choosing quality over quantity and being happy with what we have without the need for comparison. But project simply encompasses so much more than the stuff we own in our homes. It’s about mental clarity, financial freedom and being at peace with ourselves. Of course life isn’t always easy, but for me creating some sense of calm helps me to live in the present and feel more able to deal with what life throws my way. I talk more about my personal definition of simplicity and where to begin in my Project Simplify post from May 2020.

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And whilst we have already got rid of SO.MUCH.STUFF I still feel that familiar weight of clutter. And so the process continues. To shift the stuff. To clear the space. To work on my personal development, lifestyle and health.

So, as mentioned, for this challenge I have created a fun declutter bingo template filled with the areas I think would be good to focus on. You can download the template here or find it in the templates section of my Instagram highlights – or of course you can set your own! I’ve included a combination of physical and digital aspects plus also your diary/commitments as a reminder to set healthy boundaries. And it may be that some of these areas are too large to tackle all at once. They can seem hugely overwhelming {hello digital photos and files} and I’ll be talking more about how I tackle and organise some of these areas plus some self exploration of minimalism in future posts. I’m not expecting to have everything “perfect” by the end of the 6 weeks but it would be nice to feel like I’ve made progress and {hopefully} feel a positive difference.

I’ll be sharing how I’m getting on over on Instagram and I’d love to hear how you’re getting on if you decide to join in!

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What area would you choose to declutter first? Is there an area you find more challenging to keep on top of? Let me know in the comments!

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