10 Ways to Update your Home on a Budget | {Plus Bonus Idea!}

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Fancy giving your home a bit of an update without breaking the bank? Well my friend you’ve come to the right place! Whether you want to try out a new decor style, are planning a move or revovation and want to give your home an interim spruce up or you’re just bored and looking for a project – adding a little something {or indeed taking it away!} to your home can do wonders for both your mental and physical wellbeing. Here are some of my tried and tested ways to update your home on a budget:

1. Peel and stick

Seriously where has this been all my life?! Peel and stick is THE WAY of updating anything from an old fireplace to your bathroom floor with n affordable and totally temporary solution. Easy to source, cut, use, remove and NO MESS or expensive tools are just a handful of reasons peel and stick has beome so widely popular. Wall tiles, floor tiles, even wall paper are now all available to purchase with ease. Want to update an old piece of furniture – why not try a nice marble style top. Living in a rented home and want to cover outdated kitchen tiles without jepodising your deposit – grab some stylish wall tile stickers which can be easily removed before you leave. I’m seriously dying to try a peel and stick wallpaper option in a big bold or brickwork design!


Shop the style

Peel and Stick Floor Stickers <£15

Peel and Stick Subway Style Wall Tiles <£30

Peel and Stick Brick Pattern Wallpaper <£25

2. Spray paint

Another super easy way to update pieces around your home is to give them a bit of a spruce up with some spray paint. I have recently bought a can of white gloss spray paint which I’ve been using to give our radiators, towel rails and gloss woodwork a bit of a refresh – its so much quicker than painting plus you don’t need any other tools – just remember to cover floors and walls well and spray several light layers to avoid drip marks.


Shop the style

Rust-Oleum White Gloss Spray Paint <£10

Chalk Finish Spray Paint Pale Rose <£10

Matt Black Spray Paint <£15

3. Upcycle

In addition to covering furniture or worksurfaces with peel and stick or giving something a quick spray paint why not take some time to mooch around your local charity/thrift shop or even Facebook Marketplace for inexpensive additions to your home. These can be use as they are or easly upcycled with the use of a sander, some frog tape and a pot of Rust-Oleum furniture paint.


Shop the style

Black+Decker Electric Sander <£20

Frog Tape <£10

Rust-Oleum Furniture Paint <£15

4. Switch up hardware

Moving on from point 4 – switching up the hardware of cupboards, drawers and furniture is a great {and cheap!} way to add something a bit different. From stylish matte black door knobs to kid-friendly wooden dinosaurs theres something for every taste and style. You can even switch out your kitchen faucet or bathroom taps for an instant upgrade – or why not give your current hardware a spray of colour for an even more thrifty option!


Shop the style

Black kitchen faucet <£50

Rustic shell cup pull handles <£10

Cloud moon and star decorative handles <£15

5. Add prints

It’s sooooo easy to find great prints to suit any taste online nowadays – from prints which arrive through the post to digital images you can print at home there are hundred of thousands of options for every budget. Or why not have a go at creating your own?!


Shop the style

Minimalist Line Wall Art <£10

Eucalyptus Wall Art <£15

Abstract Modern Wall Art <£15

6. Keep it simple

Declutter, declutter, declutter. One of the simplest and cheapest ways of updating your home is to simply get rid of stuff. You can find loads of inspiration on Pinterest {see below} for how to style book cases and side boards, or why not try completly clearing a surface{s} to see if you like the minimal look? You can then donate or even sell unwanted items or if you’re not sure have a storage box in your garage/attic of bits you don’t currently want on display but like too much to get rid of. Adding intentional decor like a large round mirror, coffee table books or key pieces of art help to add layers and depth to your space.


Shop the style

Black framed mirror <£50

The White Company table book <£20

Modern art vase <£25

7. Savvy storage

Ever thought to yourself – but I just have SO.MUCH.STUFF?! Whether it’s child or pet parafinalia or your husbands collection of football trophies there are some items you don’t particularly want on display but also use on a regular basis or hold sentimental value. So what’s the answer? Savvy {and easy on the eye} storage solutions! I could literally do a whole post on this topic {and maybe I will……} but as a few ideas to start you off – baby changing caddy, stylish belly baskets, drawer dividers, wicker baskets, ottomon – the list is endless! See some inspo below:


Shop the style

Folding ottoman <£20

Seagrass belly basket <£15

Felt organiser caddy <£10

8. Update light fixtures

Another easy way to update a space is to swap out the light fixture or shade. I’m obsessed with industrial style metal and also basket style wicker lampshades! And you can even hang a new light fixture which plugs into the wall socket or have a battery powered smart light attached using a ceiling hook or even a command hook!


Shop the style

Black plug in pendant light <£30

Retro dark grey metal ceiling pendant <£20

Basket style wicker ceiling pendant <£30

9. Add plants

Nothing {in my opinion} helps make your home look and feel fresh more than some lovely plants. Whether you go for faux or the real thang again there are plants to suit every space and budget. Plus they can be easily moved around for an instant {and free!} update. Add in a classy plant pot or super cute wicker belly basket and you’ve got an instant upgrade.


Shop the style

Mini succulent pots <£20

Artificial trailing plant <£15

Monstera plant <£20

10. Add more light

We have blinds on the windows at the front of our house to add a bit of privacy but this can also make the house a but dark. One solution is to ensure we have as much natural light as possible from the back of the house and to add various floor and sidetable lamps. Another is to add in translucent blinds which let some light in whilst also allowing privacy. I love using smart bulbs in our lamps which can be controlled via Alexa or on an app on my phone or even set to automatically turn on and off at certain times. Simples. You can even get battery powered blinds which link to your phone or have a remote control – wowzers! Another great way to add lighting is to use battery powered stick on lights – either sensor or touch controlled. We have sensor lights in our bathrooms which works great for if our kids get up in the middle of the night and lights which stick under your kitchen cupboards to create a classy downlit look are really popular!


Shop the style

Tripod floor lamp <£50

Battery powered remote lights <£20

Day and night roller blind <£30

Bonus idea – Grout pens!

Ok – as a bonus way to update your home on a budget {partly becuase I only thought of it whilst writing this post!} – grout pens or grout revivers are possibly THE BEST find of my adult life. An absolutely fantastic way of taking your bathroom tiles from yellow and stained to light and bright in a matter of minutes – or why not research and try some colourful grout options? Possibly one of the most instantly satisfying jobs you’ll ever do. These grout pens or tubes are an absoulte bargain and make a huge impact.


Shop the style

Grout reviver <£5

White grout pen <£5

Grout magic <£5

Find all these recomendations PLUS MORE on my Amazon Storefront!

Would you try anything from the list above? What would you add as your favourite budget upgrade product?

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