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{This post contains affiliate links for products I personally use and endorse – find out more about affiliate marketing here}

I don’t know about you but I have always been a fan of purchasing on Amazon and {if nothing else } the run of Covid restrictions in 2020/21 highlighted the benefits and breadth of online shopping more than ever.

Why Amazon?

  • Choice
  • Convenience
  • Easy to navigate app
  • Great prices
  • The option to have free or next {sometimes same!} day delivery
  • The option to create and share lists
  • Subscribe and save on certain items
  • Amazon Grocery Store
  • Trusted platform
  • Limited time deals
  • Reliability
  • Additional Amazon Prime benefits – unlimited fast delivery, streaming movies, TV shows and music and more exclusive deals

It’s easy to see why Amazon boasts tens of thousands of daily users and income of tens of millions every year and ranked the no. 1 brand in 2020.

For me, Amazon has always been a convenient and trusted way to purchase items for, say, birthdays or our home but more recently I’ve started buy more and more day to day items too. Their fast and trusted delivery and easy to use app makes online purchasing easier than ever.

Amazon Affiliate and Influencer Programme

I’ve recently been accepted as an Amazon Affiliate and onto the Amazon Influencer Programme. This means I can share my favourite items both through affiliate links and via my Amazon Storefronta great way to organise and recommend all my favourite items. For full discloser, if an item is purchased through my affiliate links or storefront I earn a small commission {ranging between 1-10%}. For me this is an obvious side hustle due to the number of items I have and purchase from Amazon which means I frequently use and recommend products I love. It’s also worth noting that I will only ever use affiliate links for brands I use and trust.

My Favouite Amazon Health and Beauty Buys

On that bombshell {!} here are some of my favourite Amazon health and beauty buys {all of which are available on my Amazon Storefront – prices as at May 2021}:

I currently have a Hydratem8 water bottle but this Essentiae bottle is a great alterative and clearly based on a similar design with it’s straw, carry handle and time markings. A definate replacement for my now rather scruffy bottle!

If {like me} you started riding your bike more during lockdown this gel padded bike seat cover will ensure your posterior stays comforatble {if you know you know}. Easy to install and durable you can also use it on your home stationery bike – something I wish I had discovered when I went to spinning classes all those years ago!

A great set to take your home workouts to the next level – or can also be used for stretching and physio. This set includes different weighted bands for beginner to advanced users, a door anchor, handles and ankle straps plus workout ideas all in a convinient carry bag.

I am a big fan of Perfectil’s Hair, Skin and Nail tablets so when I found these gummies on Amazon I was really happy! Not only are the gummies easier to take {rather than the large Perfectil tablets} but they taste a lot better and for a pack of 60 for £8.99 rather than a pack of 30 for ~£7 your wallet will take less of a hit too!

These high waisted leggings boast comfort, non-seethrough fabric, tummy control AND {possibly best of all} 2 side pockets! Perfect for whether you want to hit the gym or slip on something easy and convenient for the school run. Sorted.

I.LOVE.THIS.SHAMPOO. That is all. In all honesty though I can get my favourite shampoo and condioner set for not only a great price but with free, fast delivery – aka huge convienience. I also have the Bed Head Tigi Ego Boost Split End Mender {£10.44} – another firm favouite – on my Amazon Storefront.

I’ve raved about this cream numerous times – in short it’s my absoulte favouite beauty product which I use on both my face and body. It’s lightweight, calming formula is gentle on the most sensitive skin and also works great on sunburn! Best of all? 900ml for 60p per 100ml – absolute bargain!

Hands down my favouite bronzer of all time – and again the convienience of buying on Amazon is perfect. You can also find my favourite Benefit Sugarbomb blusher {which smells divine} and Benefit Gimme Brow tinted brow gel on my Amazon Storefront.

After trying {and failing} magnetic false lashes I was on the look out for a more “out out” mascara than my usual Clinique High Impact mascara {which, again, you can also find on my Amazon Storefront} and came across this. For under £5 I thought it was worth a try and I wasn’t disappointed! This mascara creates both volume and length and is perfect for a more dramatic look than your usual day to day brand.

  • Fab Four Skincare – see individual prices below

Cleanse | Clinique Liquid Facial Soap £24.88

Tone | Elemis Soothing Apricot Toner £24.85

Moisturise | Benefit Weighless Moisture Facial Moisturier £30.44

Mask | Elemis Herbal Lavendar Repair Mask £7.80

Ok so whilst these products may be on the pricey side they are the ONLY thing which works for my skin. Which {in my eyes} makes them a valuable investment.

Available in various colours this hair and scalp massager is great for promoting hair growth and cirulation. Plus it’s super relaxing – think salon hair washing relaxing {drool} and suitable for adults, children and even pets!

Anyone who’s seen my Instagram stories will know how much I love my stick on nails! They’re easy, quick and no fear of smudges! Plus they look the bollo*ks. This no hassle set has 24 nails so you can easily replace any lost nails, simples.

And there you go! A few of my current favouite health and beauty products all in a one stop Amazon Storefront shop {that was a mouthful}! I’ll keep adding items as I remember/buy products 🙂

What are your favouite health and beauty products? Do you buy any health or beauty products from Amazon? Let me know in the comments below!

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