Project Simplify | 30 Day {Health} Challenge

Ok, so following on from my 30 Days of Personal Development {which is still underway!} I’ve decided to launch the first of 2 {if not more!} additional 30 day challenges. And although my all or nothing tendencies are screaming to do everything at once I’m really trying to be sensible {!} and take one thing at a time {ish} and get my priorities in check.

These challenges all wrap up into my overall Project Simplify series – this is something I’ve been toying around with for quite some time but I think I’ve finally worked out how I want to more it forward. My personal brand is about encouraging, empowering and equipping women to balance business, health and home:

  • Encouraging women to say yes to their goals, values and dreams.
  • Empowering women to know they are enough and can do anything they set their mind to, and
  • Equipping women with information and resources to help them balance the things which are truly important to them, whether that be starting or growing their side hustle, taking control of their health and well-being or feeling in control and relaxed at home.

So with that in mind the first challenge I am setting myself is 30 days of health.

Now health is a BIG subject which encompasses physical to mental health, diet and nutrition to self-care and everything in between. This can be incredibly overwhelming which is why I’ve broken it down into daily mini goals which I am going to try to complete {some if not all} everyday for 30 days {at least!}. My hope is that I will be creating good habits and focusing on effort based goals rather than the final result.

Fancy joining in? I’ve created a fun Instagram stories template – 30 Days of Health Challenge Bingo – which can be found here – I will be uploading this to my Instagram stories everyday of the challenge to say how I’m doing, hold me accountable to you guys and most importantly to document how I’m feeling about myself and my health as I go!

{Get your template here}

For a little background – I’m a mum of 3, my youngest turns 3 in August and since she was born I’ve put on 3 stone from my pre-pregnancy weight. My fitness and general mobility are I would say at an all time low and whilst my general health is ok – I don’t smoke, drink excessively or use recreational drugs – I feel like I’m on a slippery slope. I definitely don’t drink enough water or take care of myself as I should be. Not only do I hope this will have a positive impact on my life and health but also set a better example to my young family. I’m not planning a strict diet or no treats but I know there are certain things I can do to improve my health.

So if you fancy joining in {even if it’s not for the full 30 days} download or screenshot the 30 days of health bingo template {which can be found in the templates highlight on my Instagram profile}, upload it to your Instagram stories, tick off what things you have done that day and don’t forget to tag me so I can see/share your progress!

What would you add to the list? Let me know in the comments below!

Coming soon : watch this space for the Project Simplify | 30 Day {Declutter} Challenge coming soon.

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