How to Dress for your Body Shape {Bum, Belly and Boobs}

Unsurprisingly my body has been through many changes in my 37 years on this planet. Being pregnant with twins plus having a c-section {for my single baby nonetheless} has meant my stomach area will, let’s face it, never be the same. And that’s fine. Our bodies are incredible and to a extent I’ve come to a place of peace with my current shape.

After working on my personal development and confidence {not to mention spending a year in loungewear during the 2020/21 pandemic} I’ve began re-learning what styles suit my body shape and how to dress for comfort, style and confidence.

Put simply, I would describe my body as the 3 Bs – Bum, belly and boobs {aka apple shape}. My no.1 “problem” area is my belly with my boobs coming in a close second {in all honesty I don’t mind my bum!} My stomach area has been through the ringer with pregnancy and weight gain and loss and is where I carry a lot of my excess weight. My boobs are just big {for me} and something I’m not used to dressing or being so much on display – not that there’s anything wrong with that but it’s just something I’m not used to.

As we are slowly released back into society post-lockdown 3.0 I’ve been feverishly looking through my wardrobe and researching how to dress my three Bs. Here’s what I found {also see photos below}:

1. Flippy shorts

I’ve actually loved these for years so it was refreshing to hear they suit my body shape. Flippy shorts are made from lightweight fabric with a high waist and loose fit around the bum and thighs making them the perfect summer go too for apple shapes.

Check out these tie waist shorts from Amazon or these ditsy floral flippy shorts from boohoo.

2. High waisted trousers

A high waist helps add definition and showcase an enviable hourglass shape. They will draw the eye to your lower half and reduce the appearance of any bulges. They also help avoid a muffin top and dreaded builders crack.

Check out these high waisted leggings from Amazon or these high waisted jeans from New Look.

3. Wrap dresses / tops

Wrap dresses and tops were designed to compliment a woman’s natural curves. The narrowing of the ‘v’ helps balance your chest region with your hips and helps to define your waist.

Check out this polka dot boho dress from Amazon or this ditsy floral belted wrap dress from Shein.

4. Bodysuits

I have to say, this was a new one for me but having now purchased one I’m a total convert! Bodysuits create a seamless look by keeping your look smooth with their underneath attachments. They remove any potential bunching and often include built-in shapewear. Since they are fitted they are also good for layering under plunging necklines or to add another snug layer of clothing.

Check out this strappy bodysuit from Amazon or this black lace bodysuit from boohoo.

5. Blazers

A simple blazer made from soft material which falls past the widest part of your body is great for apple shapes. A straight-line blazer which sits on the edge of your shoulders {not too big!} and worn over a shaped top creates length and helps define your waist.

Check out this gorgeous ruffle sleeve blazer from Amazon or this long blazer from New Look.

And of course the real fun starts when you start combining these styles – like this gorgeous floral playsuit from Amazon or this wrap top / flippy shorts playsuit combo from Yoins.

What’s your go to style? What’s your favourite part of your body? Let me know in the comments!

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