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Introducing {ALT} VIP Subscribers

It’s been just over 2 years since I first launched a Life twintastic {find out more about me and ALT here} and I finally feel like I’ve reached a point where I’m more clear than ever on my aims and goals for the blog.

As well as working on my own personal development I’ve also been working on my personal brand {more on this on Tuesday’s blog post – including a FREE workbook and discount code for This Splendid Shamble’s Ultimate Blogging Bundle which I can personally recommend} and feel more confident in what I want and have to offer as a blogger and small business owner.

Lots of exciting developments are starting over the next couple of months and I’d love for you to join me and get involved. From 30 day challenges and new digital planners to eBook launches and my FREE VIP subscriber list.

As a VIP subscriber you will not only receive member only assess to FREE resources and specially sourced discount codes but you will get first looks and exclusive offers on all ALT products!

Want to collaborate? If you’re a blogger, business owner / brand or simply want to get involved get in touch here.

Interested? Sign up for FREE below:

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What’s coming up?

VIP Newsletter including:

  • What we’ve been up to
  • What’s new on the blog
  • What’s new for VIP subscribers – FREE resources, discount codes and first looks
  • What’s coming up
  • Spotlights on podcasts, blogs, small businesses, YouTube and books I’m loving
  • Exclusive entry to giveaways

New and improved Digital Planners:

Life Planner, Blog Planner and Business Planner oh my! Plus updated FREE “How To” eBook

30 Day Challenges:

Project Simplify Health and Declutter Challenges with a fun Bingo template!

Coming up in the Next Week:

Tuesday 4 May | New blog post : 10 Steps to Build a Personal Brand {+ FREE Workbook and Discount code!}

Thursday 6 May | New blog post : How to Dress for your Body Shape {Bum, Belly and Boobs}

Monday 10 May | First VIP Subscriber Newsletter! Remember you need to sign up to receive the VIP newsletter and access to FREE resources and discount codes

All my best

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