New year {same me}

Happy New Year! 2021 – the year that HAS to be better than 2020 right?! Yet here we are. Still feeling confused and unsure of what the future holds. Back in lockdown and home learning/working/childcare-ing. Another new normal.

Who took down their Christmas decorations before the New Year? I’m usually desperate to clear the Christmas clutter and have a good clean but this year I was in less of a rush. Keen to hold on to that Christmas spirit. I was in two minds about sending the boys back to school. Mentally it’s absolutely the best thing for them. They need to be learning, being around their friends and thriving. But then lockdown 3.0 came and we’re back to home learning. It’s a different story this time around for us with expectations seemingly much higher {although I know a lot of that pressure is from ourselves – school have been amazing and so supportive!}. There’s also that temptation to once again shut out the world and stay in our post-Christmas holiday bubble. But life {and work} calls. Back to reality {kinda}.

Who’s set New Year’s resolutions? Its hard to make plans at the moment but I found it comforting to sit down and re-examine my goals. This year they look slightly different. I’m not on a quest to change “me”. 2021 will not make me a different person. But I can grow. I can expand {in a business rather than waistline sense – hopefully!}. And I can practice gratitude for the things I have in my life.

2020 was tough. But it also taught us a lot.

It was the year we survived rather than thrived, home schooled and home-worked ♥︎

The year we stayed at home, celebrated lockdown birthdays and spent the summer in our gardens ♥︎

The year the streets stayed bare, we wore masks and enjoyed socially distanced coffees ♥︎

The year we slowed down, held our loved ones close and showed thanks ♥︎

The year we came together to stay apart ♥︎

So what will 2021 bring? Well so far much of the same! But I hope it also brings hope. I hope it brings comfort. I hope it brings joy.

For me I’m planning to focus on creating financial stability, health and moving my side hustles forward. I’ve got lots of exciting ideas and plans this year which I hope will come to fruition. But above all I hope we stay safe, value those closest to us and remember what’s really important.

To enter this new year as the same me. And be proud of it ♥︎

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