15 things to do this December {to raise your spirits}

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Unless you’re in the middle of a pandemic.

I don’t know about you but 2020 has left me feeling pretty battered and bruised and going into December I’ve been really struggling to keep my spirits up and think positive.

With the feeling Covid is just on our doorstep {if not knocking on our door – even though the sign clearly states no cold callers} and this yo yo of restrictions, isolations and testing it’s no wonder feelings of festivity are waning.

Time feels like a false entity where hours, days and weeks merge into one. One day at a time. One hour at a time. Eyes puffy from the constant strain of surviving not thriving. Our intimate, safe bubble suddenly feeling restrictive and cut off. The temptation to dissolve into its clutches strong.

And then there is Christmas. A time of joy and giving. A time where spirits are high with festive cheer. A time of family and friends, celebration and indulgence.

It’s easy to feel like these things aren’t possible this year. And I have definitely been guilty of already mourning the Christmas we stayed apart. The friends and family we wouldn’t hold close. The traditions put on hold. The missed festivities.

I’ve had to really work to shift my mind-set to remember what Christmas is really about and to be thankful for the things we can still enjoy and be thankful for. To be pro-active in getting out and about {where possible} and not wallow under the black cloud of Covid.

So if {like me} you’ve felt your inner festive spirit wane; here are 15 ideas for things you can do to help raise your spirits this December:

  1. Make a hot chocolate station : Have you seen these hot chocolate bombs?! They’re certainly enough to make me want to create a hot chocolate making station! Here are some ideas from Pinterest of what to include – Holiday Hot Chocolate Bar {with printables}, great ideas from Bits of Bri and Hot Chocolate Bar Tips and Tricks
  2. Call an old friend : Set some time away from distractions {i.e. children} and book in that long awaited {and so often overlooked} call with your bestie – I promise you will feel better!
  3. Read or re-read a book : when was the last time you set your phone aside {hello virtual Yahtzee – username runellierun63 if you fancy a battle!} and actually read a physical book? If you’re anything like me it’s been a while. This is the perfect time of year to get snuggled up with your freshly made hot chocolate {see point 1!} and drift away to another world. If you can’t find a book that grips your attention why not re-read one of your all time favourites? Here are some of mine: The Other Boleyn Girl, Atonement, Fingersmith, The Time Traveler’s Wife, P.S. I Love You and On The Island.
  4. Check out what your local area has on offer : {Obviously abiding by the restrictions in your area} Take an evening walk or drive around to see everyone’s Christmas lights, see if your local garden centre or farm park {if open} are offering Christmas trails or meet the reindeer or check out your local church for socially distanced carol services or children’s activity packs.
  5. Hold a virtual games / quiz night : One of the best things which came out of lockdown {take 1} has to be the array of virtual quizzes! We love this one on a Sunday night virtual pub quiz by Inquizition – hosted by professional quiz master Alex. It costs £2.50 for ~2 hours and is totally worth it!
  6. Watch Christmas movies : An obvious but great was to spend your Sunday afternoon. Walk, hot chocolate, slippers, blankets and a Christmas film. Bliss! My favourite films for kids are The Christmas Chronicles., Elf, The Polar Express, The Grinch and Arthur Christmas. My favourite films for adults are The Holiday, Love Actually, A Bad Moms Christmas and Bad Santa.
  7. Prepare a doorstep gift or hamper : Know someone who is going to find this festive season particularly hard? Why not prepare a small gift or hamper to brighten their day. Homemade cookies, smellies, a kind message – it doesn’t need to be expensive.
  8. Send a coffee / hot chocolate : Why not buy someone a cup of coffee or a hot chocolate delivered to their door? Companies like Starbucks and Costa offer delivery with Uber Eats 🙂
  9. Have a home spa day : A candlelit bubble bath, your favourite book, child-free, wine, chocolates, face mask – it’s not hard to feel pampered if you can find {make} the time. Today I am child-free and will be making the most of ot by having a mid-day soak and pamper! Other little things you can do include a home manicure – I love this stick on nails by Kiss – they’re so quick and easy to instantly feel pampered and glam.
  10. Treat yourself to new pjs or Slippers : Leading on from that why not slip into a comfy new pair of winter pjs or fluffy slippers? These little things can raise even the grumpiest of spirits! Check these pjs out from Matalan?!
  11. Karaoke Christmas Carols : Who doesn’t love a good sing-a-long? Of course it doesn’t need to be carols – get the kids involved and shake that bootie around the living room!
  12. Silly Christmas photos : You can get some great photo booth props like these off Amazon – Set up your photo to self-timer and get creative 🙂
  13. Virtual dinner date : Set a date {or send a Zoom invite} with your nearest and dearest to get dressed up in your best festive gear and have a virtual dinner date / wine tasting / charades session.
  14. Make a bucket list : Look ahead to 2021 and make a list of things you’d like to do, see, make, eat, buy – dream big or go home! Look out for my new 2021 digital planners available soon!
  15. Have a bloody good cry : When in doubt, let it all out. Your other half may think you’re having a mental breakdown but sometimes all that’s needed is a bloody good cry, a rant and a rave and/or a stomp around the block. Trust me, it can do wonders for the spirit!

How are you feeling this December? Have you booked something to look forward to? How are you keeping your spirits up?

Join me for the 12 days of Blogmas posts coming soon and until then – stay strong and come say hi if you’re ever feeling low or lonely 🙂

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