Feeling {Pretty} / {ad / gifted}

You may have seen on our Instagram account that we have been gifted the most beautiful hair bows and band from the talented Perdy’s Made with Love.

Perdy’s offer beautifully handmade , ethical lines and bespoke pieces {perfect for bridesmaids!} including a vintage and up-cycled range and limited edition fabrics in addition to handmade earrings and a beautiful range of soft toys.

Rachel, the owner says:
“Since I launched Perdys back in August last year, I’ve had plans to make bows out of vintage fabric. I wanted to make sustainable bows which would be more unusual, as well as reducing landfill and doing my bit for planet earth! I’ve been busy sourcing good quality, pretty fabrics and will be launching some beautiful bows soon. They will be in a separate section on my website and easy to find, but like some of my limited edition fabrics there will only be a few of each design as the sourced material will be limited.
I’ve also been using off-cuts of new fabrics to make mini bows to further reduce waste and these one offs will be added to the site”

“Everyone wants beautiful accessories and you will now be able to purchase ethical bows without compromising on the quality too! Let’s all work together to create a more sustainable earth” 

Penny wears {clockwise from the left}:

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