Empty {Cup}

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this post from last weekend. I’m currently struggling to find the time/energy to dedicate to full blog posts and have been reassessing my motivations and aims for the blog as part of the current journey I find myself on.

Therefore, for the time being, I will be mainly using Instagram to share in a way I am currently struggling to on here. I will aim to share the main posts on the blog and to continue to write full posts when I feel able but I hope making this slight change will ease the pressure I put on myself whilst also allowing me to create an honest creative outlet.

Thank you to everyone who has shown support and shared their honest stories – that is what it’s all about 🙂 Here’s the post for those who missed it:

{Photo by Alejandra Parejo on Unsplash}

Empty {cup}

You can’t pour from an empty cup and today mine feels completely lacking. I’m not the parent I thought I’d be. Work is stressful. Time is short. My children are unmanageable. I’m constantly clearing up after everyone yet the house is still a tip. I don’t get a minute to myself to breathe. I feel guilty.

I’m starting to wonder what the point is. Why do I even bother getting dressed when everything feels uncomfortable? Why do I try to cover the dark circles and unwashed hair? I can’t do it all. I don’t have time to enjoy my children because there are always a million things to do or get to. Too many needs to tend to. I’m drowning in my empty cup. 



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